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    A friend sent me this link and I thought I'd share.

    Scofield may not have the chops he used to, but it's still stellar playing as far as I'm concerned. And I really like those Past-Present tunes. I keep wishing some sort of Sco Omnibook will be published, cause he wrote a lot of nice tunes over the years.

    Anyway, here's the concert.
    DR K Klassisk: Saeson 2019 – 38. episode | Se online her | DRTV



    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Thanks for posting this. Didn't have time for the whole thing---maybe later---but enjoyed what I heard.

    Indicentally, yesterday I saw a drawing of George Washington with a beard. (Not sure what prompted the artist to render George with a beard but that's another story.) My first thought upon seeing it was, "He looks like Sco." Maybe it's just me...

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    Thanks for posting!

    I'm sure, too, Sco's chops can do whatever he wants them to do.

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    Didn't Sco play a wizard in the last Harry Potter movie?