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    Just beautiful, and a gorgeous tone from Zoller. Very rare to see Oscar Pettiford in action.

    You might need to turn your volume up...


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    1st time I've seen a video of Pettiford!
    thanks for the post

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    My pleasure. 1st time for me too. Very cool player.

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    He's a monster cello player too, check out the recordings w Tal Farlow if you haven't heard him.

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    I will. Thanks!

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    Thought there'd be more comments about this rare video...

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    Great video, I missed this thread before.

    Here’s Oscar and Coleman Hawkins in a film called The Crimson Canary (looks like Howard McGhee on trumpet):

    The Crimson Canary - Wikipedia

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    Beware those evil Rhythm Cults!

    Great Video: Oscar Pettiford and Attila Zoller-241f2247-cf5c-4ca7-bd59-bcaeff1f996e-jpg

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    I misread that

    Great stuff.

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    Tal w Oscar on cello...

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    Attila Zoller and Jimmy Raney:

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    funny i had just stumbled across that video last week...two greats...doin it nicely...have become a great fan of guitar/ac bass duets...frisell and abercrombie have recorded some b/g duet beauties!

    never saw the clip from the crimson canary...howard mcghee one of my fave trumpetmen...always a real slick cat too!!! hah

    good stuff


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    Yeah, Hawk was something else too, one of the few to adapt to several styles over the yrs, practically invented modern saxophone playing, transitioned to bop (see above clip), was still going strong in the 60s, check out his Impulse lps, even played bossa, Desifinado great record w Howie Collins and Barry Galbraith guitar, a fave from '62

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    Love the Hawk, what an amazing guy. Here he is in 1935!

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    That Rhythm Chief pickup on Zoller's guitar does sound very good. I'm just about convinced that the DeArmond Rhythm Chief is the best pickup made, by anyone. I love mine, reissue that it is.

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    Attila told me that his favorite guitarist to play duets with was Jimmy Raney.
    And Oscar Pettiford was Attila's favorite bass player; he even wrote a song dedicated to him: "Homage to O.P."
    (He also wrote a song to honor Kenny Burrell: "KB.")
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