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    Lots of glitches in the course. None of the performance videos are playing and the Soundslice isn't working. I know Truefire will fix these problems but you'd think that 4 months would be enough time to roll out a glitch free product. However, I have plenty to work on in the first few lessons while Truefire gets it straightened out


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    It all works fine for me.

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    I don't know about SoundSlice because I don't use it, but everything else works for me on Android and Windows with the latest version of the Truefire program.

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    all works for me too but I find True Fire offerings to all have weird little things happen from time to time but no so much that it is annoying

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    Everything is working fine now for me.

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    Thanks Guys,

    its good to hear feedback + and -

    the soundslice will be working today if it isnt already ( they promised when i asked)
    I hope you all enjoy it and learn a lot. more to come thats for sure.
    all the best

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    Seems obvious but I forgot...if watching on an iPad remember to update your app. I just did and Soundslice started working...sorta...the scrolling is not perfect.

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    I have the course too and have started work on it.

    As Rob said the Latin thing is challenging to put the melody on top. I have no problem playing the chords and bass notes but the melody seems to need a redundant part of my brain.

    I'd love to start a little jazz solo gig locally (need a lot of practise yet) so I'm diving deep down into this course. If anyone is starting up a study group to implement these concepts I'm in.

    I've started to write my own licks and the more I do this the more easy it will become to improve over the changes.

    A main point of note for me is syncopation.

    So glad I got the course. Now for 10 minutes practise before I collect the kids (already did about 1 1/2hours this morning).

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    The last minute of the "Melody in 8th notes" section is full of ideas. One could noodle on that for a while!

    A few things I've found to be helpful for myself and students when learning an intricate passage:

    1) Use the exact same left hand fingering and right hand fingers every time

    2) Practice left and right hand independently. (The right hand part of that, on open strings, will drive domestic partners up a wall!)

    3) Practice a new idea very s l o w l y. Clean at 30 bpm is better than sloppy at 90 bpm.

    I'm not a professional, just a passionate amateur and offer these thoughts not from a place of authority, but in the interest of sharing what works for me.

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    Ok, it had to be done.

    I've started a study group here.

    Please join in.

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    Tim released Melodic Triads course (TrueFire) on excellent course, very helpful for moving into his other courses in understanding melodic moves

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    I'm interested by the lessons Tim has put out on Truefire. Where do you suggest me to start? I am hesitating between his premium channel ("solo guitar sensei") and one of his other "standalone" courses (maybe his Melodic Triads). I am not new to the guitar and come from a different background (classical, blues, rock) and always had a hard time trying to get into jazz, its concepts, its theory etc.