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    Pasquale Grasso is at Mezzrow tonight - just setting up. Looks like he is using a Dearmond FHC on "?" not sure what the guitar is ! Not a big fan but I may stick around and hear what the FHC sounds like



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    He's playing mostly Trenier.

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    Hi Will,

    I'm several hours late to this. Pasquale's new guitar is another Trenier - a Jazz Special model (16", laminate) completed last month.
    Below are some photos from luthier Bryant Trenier showing the guitar as completed. I also attach a photo from friend and NYC luthier Pablo Valle, showing that he had replaced the Dearmond pickup with a floating humbucker by Pete Biltoft/Vintage Vibe.

    Pasquale Grasso+ Dearmond FHC-70882354_2697502810314591_3137772290343698432_o-jpg

    Pasquale Grasso+ Dearmond FHC-71513416_2697502703647935_3330250270461394944_o-jpg

    Pasquale Grasso+ Dearmond FHC-74701539_10219524121155426_7654395293642784768_o-jpg

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    Interesting info!! - he was definitely using that Dearmond on the guitar he was playing. Perhaps he moved it from a main to a backup? or I was time travelling and watching a Mezzrow live in the past or Pasquale has even more superpowers than just his playing!!! I was I had made a screencap now! I don't think the setup had that cool looking bracket support on the bottom but had a wire going from the pickup into the treble side f-hole . I remember thinking hey! that looks diy!! kinda Chris Floryesque but with a nicer suit


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    A full fat floating Humbucker from Biltoft too
    I didn't know Peter made those ....

    I guess he can make anything tho !

    That is one stunning looking geetar .....

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    Wow, that is gorgeous! And, the beauty of the instrument is only eclipsed by the stunning playing of Mr. Grasso.