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    Anyone know who is on guitar? Clearly they listened to Charlie Chrisitian. "S. Black" is listed on guitar on some of his other records.

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    I found S. Black too but there's nothing about the 'Rhythm Four', that's the trouble. It could be a blanket name for whoever was playing with Allen at the time.

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    Interesting mystery! Looks as if the original guitarist in the Rhythm Four was called Stan Black. Of course he may not be the guitarist on this track. I found a 1949 copy of Billboard online listing this track as a new release, so that might date it to 1949.

    This is what I found about the Rhythm Four:

    Unearthed In The Atomic Attic: Latin And American Piano Rhythms - Barclay Allen

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    'The original Rhythm Four consisted of Barclay on piano; Stan Black, guitar; Sid Fridkin, bass; and Merle Mahone on drums.'

    Well done, Graham. As usual :-)

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    I couldn’t find out anything about Stan Black though, the trail went cold at that point!

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    For me too. Doubtless an unsung hero :-)

    But I do think that, as there's so little information on 'the Rhythm Four' and it seems a pretty utilitarian name, that it could just have been a cover name whilst members came and went.

    Mind you, I think every player should be credited, no question, but maybe it wasn't considered so important back then.

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    "Millie absolutely loved music; the big band standards of the 1940’s and 50’s. Her husband, Stanley Black, played guitar with the brilliant pianist Barclay Allen as part of the “Rhythm Four” (with drummer Merle Mahone and bassist Sid Fridkin) who were featured on KLAC radio in Los Angeles in the early 1940’s. After World War II, Allen started an orchestra with the quartet as the nucleus and went on the road. As one of the band wives, Millie toured with her husband and Allen’s band until the composer-pianist, best known for the Latin-tinged standard, Cumana, was tragically paralyzed after falling asleep at the wheel and crashing into a tree back in 1949. Millie always spoke of Barclay Allen wistfully as a forgotten musical genius and those days on the road with Stan, playing gigs in Chicago and St. Louis, as some of the happiest days of her life."

    from- In Remembrance of Millie - ONE WAY STREET

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    NOW you tell us! Where do you find this stuff?!

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    "elementary my dear watson!!"



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    Wow! Good sleuthing, Sherlock! Thanks.