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    I've been neck deep in this book with some local colleagues.

    The City Was Yellow: Chicago Jazz & Improvised Music 1980-2010-265806_phpgbrjku_medium-jpg

    For people interested in music that came out of Chicago post-Art Ensemble I recommend this book. I grew up in Chicago and the music that I feel most resonates with me is the stuff that was coming out around the early 2000s from people like Matana Roberts, Chad Taylor, Jeff Parker, Rob Mazurek, Fred Anderson, to name a few of the artists. It was a really special time: the electronic musicians, the punk/rock musicians, the jazz musicians, and the creative experimental musicians were all banging together diverse concepts and achieved something I consider monumental.

    Anyway, having this resource has been a wonderful and fun way to connect with other musicians who wanted to dive into this material. I wanted to share with folks here.

    You can buy the book here:

    Mike Reed, ed : City Was Yellow – Chicago Jazz & Improvised Music 1980-2010 (Book) -- Dusty Groove is Chicago's Online Record Store


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    looks like a cool book!...pretty much the exact time frame that the great aacm percussionist, kahil el'zabar has been recording!!


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    Yep. I just saw him play a sold out show with David Murray it was great. So much energy.

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    Looks interesting, for sure. I loved the AAC back in the late 70s. It would be good to know more about what came in their wake. I enjoyed listening to the videos in your post. The first three were very much what I have in mind for the style, but the last was a pleasant surprise. If the book is available in the UK, I'll have a look. Thanks for the post.

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    In case the record store doesn’t ship internationally, you can order a pdf here for 10 USD:


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    Oh this is awesome. Have to check this out.
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