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    Thought you guys might dig this.



    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Very nice -- thanks for posting!

    [OK, gear-geek question: I know Pete's Zeidler, of course, but what is Jesse playing? It doesn't look like his Elferink ...]

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    It's a Westville Aruba, MIJ

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    Quote Originally Posted by stevus View Post
    It's a Westville Aruba, MIJ
    Thanks! He sounds great with it!

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    Guitar duo heaven in my opinion.
    Jeff Matz, Jazz Guitar:

    "Jazz is like life...it goes on longer than you think, and as soon as you're like 'oh, I get it,' it ends."

    --The Ghost of Duke Ellington

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    I prefer Zeidler guitar sound on this video...:-)

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    That was wonderful ....

    I loved all the seconds and pedal things
    Peter was doing ....

    aint jazz great ?

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    You're right DB, I dig(dug) it!

    Thanks for posting and
    Midnight Blues