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    Fabulous jam at Schoenberg Guitars: Gypsy jazzer Joscho Stephan playing a 1928 Gibson L-5 and the amazing Rory Hoffman on a 1928 Gibson F-5. The tune is Sugarfoot Rag by Country/Jazz guitarist Hank Garland.


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    Dear god... :-)

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    I. Can't. Even. How does he do that with that little mandolin??
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    Jeff Matz, Jazz Guitar:

    "Jazz is like goes on longer than you think, and as soon as you're like 'oh, I get it,' it ends."

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    These guys were born to play! I saw Joscho Stephan with his gypsy trio at a jazz club here in the UK. He blew everybody away. Standing ovations. As for Rory Hoffman--what can one say!!! What a duo--they should be touring the world!

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    Jack Tottle's Mandolin Book was wrong!
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    so, why the hell would you go up and talk to guys blazing away like that and stop the process?
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    Amazing. Would love to see / hear more of those two guys playing together.
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    Not bluegrass, but Stochelo Rosenberg and especially Joscho really blast off in this one after they get warmed up a bit.

    Joscho's a pretty relaxed, funny guy too in other videos of his that I've seen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mr. beaumont View Post
    I had to look that one up! I wholeheartedly agree!!!