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    I'm looking for more examples of guitarist/vocalist who perform like John Pizzarelli or Matt Munisteri or legends like Marty Grosz or Slim Galliard. Actually, even if they are little more obscure than these guys or may not necessarily have the playing chops then I'm still interested. There's plenty of video clips of the above to enjoy and study from but I'm seeking some others who I may not have been mentioned on this forum.

    A few I know who do both, but a bit unsung (pun...yes, kind of):

    Rebecca Kilgore (Great voice! She can accompany herself but not enough video of her singing and playing imho.)
    John Reynolds (I love the humor in his style)
    Melissa Collard
    Nick Lucas
    Oscar Aleman
    Steve Jordan
    Andy Bean (The Two Man Gentleman Band)
    Mike McKoy
    Camila Meza (contemporary and original!)
    Diane Hubka

    Please share any recent discoveries! Thanks!


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    Kenny Rankin is my fave.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sgcim View Post
    Kenny Rankin is my fave.
    Hey, I guess I should add George Benson to this list!

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    Jackie King, Joao Gilberto, Baden Powell, Luis Bonfa, Kenny Burrell, Lennie Breau

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    well, obviously Brian Setzer!

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    A bit more unorthodox is Henri Salvador:

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    Although not jazz, Nick Drake and Judee Sill were singer/songwriters/guitarists who you might find interesting.

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    Dida Pelled
    Have I found it yet? I said that but I didn’t knew it. Did I knew that I had found it yet? No, it wasn’t what I was looking for. Nevermind. Ok.

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    Perry Beekman

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    Sarah Munro is someone I've just heard for the first time. Want to hear more.

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    Kenny Burrell:

    She plays uke not guitar but Sarah Maisel has a nice sound.

    Rosa Passos plays great Bossa Nova style:

    Diane Hubka:

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    in the slim g mode...saunders king


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    Ukelele Ike
    Papa John Mills

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    I'll have to check out some more of Sarah Maisel. In my little quest on this topic I recently discovered Abigail Flowers who's got a lovely voice and can handle some nice chords on a baritone ukulele.

    Quote Originally Posted by AndyV View Post
    Kenny Burrell:

    She plays uke not guitar but Sarah Maisel has a nice sound.

    Rosa Passos plays great Bossa Nova style:

    Diane Hubka:

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    I've seen this clip and I think Tim has a good voice and definitely can play some jazz guitar!

    Quote Originally Posted by grahambop View Post
    Tim Lerch.

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    One of my favorites for (gulp) 40 years!

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    Quote Originally Posted by AndyV View Post
    One of my favorites for (gulp) 40 years!

    It don't get much better than that! Some of the guy's interpretations of tunes were so profound, I'd sit there for hours and transcribe just his subtle rendering of the melody. They'd be different for each chorus!

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    Wow! That Kenny Burrell is a pretty good singer! I think I heard that he did sing but I've never investigated it till was posted here. No doubt he is a legend on the instrument but I'm curious why just this one vocal album and why aren't there video clips of him crooning at least one tune behind his fantastic skills on guitar?

    Maybe there are few more rare guitar/vocal tracks by Burrell but I suppose playing means more to him and his fans.

    Thanks for posting this!

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    Guiliano Ligabue he plays a 7 string.Tony Ferrari/Chase Eagleson/Jeremy Franz/

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    Miché Fambro has long been one of my favorite guitarists (in addition to being a wonderful singer).

    Miche - Round Midnight - YouTube

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    Really Really Nice!

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    Currently out of Chicago, check out Guy King.

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    Tony Romano, check him out. Great swing era guitarist with that classic crooner voice. Check him playing with Joe Venuti on "never before never again". He sings on a few songs at the end of the album.

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    Very nice guitar playing behind Kenny Rankin on his 1974 album Silver Morning, particularly on the tunes "Haven't We Met" (live version above) and "In the Name of Love."

    I'm pretty sure the guitarist who played the solos on those tracks is Jim Nichols:

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    You already mentioned him but he definitely deserves a YouTube clip on this thread. Vilray is so great.

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    Bireli sings too.