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    I haven’t seen any mention of Ed Cherry here on the forum. Ed has been on the scene a long time. He came up in Dizzy’s band. I saw Ed in a duo setting with Peter Bernstein last April at The Bar Next Door. That was quite an experience! Here’s a sample of Ed’s tasteful, bluesy style:


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    That's what I like about Cherry, his thoughtful and tasteful playing. He'a mature player in the positive sense of the word. He doesn't litter his solos or arrangements with lick or other useless filler. In other words, he's an artist.

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    I've been a fan for a while. I first encountered Ed in a video recording of Dizzy's band performing a tune at a jazz fest in Florida. A highlight of the performance was a young Ed trading licks with George Benson, who was performing with the band.

    The tune they played was "A Night in Tunisia". In a context where a young guitarist might have been intimidated, Ed was more than fearless, wielding a Super 400. He played his ass off! If you've never seen that video you should track it down.

    I follow Ed on Facebook. He's quite a gifted storyteller as he chronicles his life and travels as a working musician. (Same with pianist Benny Green who shares a host of fascinating stories learning the ropes with legendary players such as Art Blakey, Betty Carter, Freddie Hubbard, etc.)

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    Just heard Ed Cherry for the first time, playing with Hendrik Muerkins at Small's.

    Ed is a masterful player. I particularly enjoyed his comping. Superb time feel and fit with an organ (which was pretty busy).

    His comping reminds me of written out horn backgrounds. That's high praise.

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    I first heard Cherry play when I was searching for cover's of Chitlin Con Carne. I've got three on my playlist by Kenny Burrell, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and Ed Cherry (from his It's All Good LP). The three treatments are all so different and so great. Cherry's is downright greasy - it's my favorite of the three. It's like walking into a bar late at night in a strange town and feeling like maybe everybody in there is looking at you and thinking, what the heck are you doing here?

    His cover of Sunflower (on the Soul Tree LP) is outstanding.

    I watched his live performance streamed from Small's - it was a duo, and it definitely showed off the range of his skills as a player. But I think he really shines in an organ trio.

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    Great player...and he's got chops too, and taste.

    Everything he does has that blue tinge, which I notice is present in all of my favorite players.
    Jeff Matz, Jazz Guitar:

    "Jazz is like life...it goes on longer than you think, and as soon as you're like 'oh, I get it,' it ends."

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    I LOVE Ed Cherry the guy is masterful!!! His shows in the Smalls archive are great and worth the subscription. I have his album with Ben Paterson - Live at Van Gelders on nearly every day.)