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    Sure the legendary speed is here but he is playing beautiful expressive stuff with really nice touch and on Nylon especially I don't miss swing at all. I don't think I ever bought a DiMeola CD but I always thought of him as a great picker but with all the Rhythms and the way he plays now - I think maybe great picker, great Guitarist ..maybe he was all along and I never noticed, but I like him much better when he doesn't push the speed as often and he's playing softer too sometimes ....really nice.

    Like a few of you have said ' I wish I could play like that and then not do it ' lol. Al D is ' not doing it here. [I think I play fast sometimes as a bad replacement for actual ideas] . Also a long piece and apparently Al is an excellent sight reader .
    I also like the way the Guitar is mixed - not too loud.
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    Sorry about that- my phone was having trouble yesterday with the Site ....seems OK now .
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    He looks younger than he did back in the 70's when I did buy his albums...

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    I've always been amazed at his picking and time.
    Frank (aka fep)

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    Both Al and I play nylon with a pick. I think the similarities end there.
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    Al DiMeola is full of surprises!

    I'll never forget hearing him at a small club about 10 years ago when he played a 5 minute piece by himself on a nylon string Ovation that just blew everyone away.

    The entire piece was chords - and I mean some of the most unique, beautiful, and difficult chords I've ever heard.

    And lots of them - I'm not sure he ever played the same chord twice!

    Steven Herron

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    I was just going to post another Concert where he is playing part of the time a 175 .

    And not Classic 175 tones but he is playing more in a Jazz type style especially more vertical than my stupidly narrow view of what he Plays and yes he is full of surprises .
    He talks about Rhythm and Time and he really delivers onstage.
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    Al first caught my attention at about age 19 with this cut:

    But over the years, while I respected his abilities, his tango music and other solo albums never really connected with me. Generally, the rapid fire technique-driven stuff is impressive, but not particularly emotionally connecting for me. It's interesting to check him out today and see what his music has to say now.