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    Beautiful, musical stuff!


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    audience in background lol..shopping for a tele..if Django had been there would they have noticed...

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    Man, I clicked out this video and was pleasantly entertained. Great camera shots of the guys' fingers and the accuracy in which they incorporate chords after playing a single notes and holding a note through the chord the way Martijn does.

    Nice stuff.
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    That was great! I couldn’t resist playing along.

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    Great playing, love it!

    Is it me, or that Epiphone is louder than L5?

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    Very, very enjoyable. And, MAN those are cannons! That is what I want my guitars to sound like when they grow up.

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    Here's Nick with Mikiya Matsuda on steel. This kind of rhythm playing is really a lost art.