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    A solo recording of Mike found on YouTube. Great stuff he studied with Johnny Smith and I was at a Gibson clinic he gave in about 1980. Tremendous player not sure when he died but it has been awhile. Maybe everyone has seen this
    specializing in repair and setup, does your guitar play like it should?


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    I hunted down each individual track on YT of that album a year or two ago. Mike was one of the best after JS, and he also has some trio albums out.
    He had a good career as a country music player and producer, but sadly died of a heart attack at the age of 65, I think. One of the greats.

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    I have that Mike Elliott vinyl album and it is one of my 2 all time favorite pickstyle solo guitar albums along with The Man With The Blue Guitar by Johnny Smith.

    Mike was Johnny Smith's protege as his dazzling string-skipping pickstyle intro to My Funny Valentine clearly proves!

    As I recall, Mike played the entire first side of the album on an unplugged Gibson Citation and played the second side on an amplified Gibson Super 400.

    He was an incredible jazz guitarist!

    Steven Herron

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    It's been said that Mike was Johnny Smith's top student. Shortly after I moved to Minneapolis-St. Paul (MSP) in 2000, I learned that Mike had recently returned to town where he was an artist in residence at the McNally-Smith Music School. In the early '80s he left MSP for Nashville where he became an in-demand session guitarist. I was able to catch him with his quartet several times at the now closed Artists Quarter in St. Paul. I immediately thought that this is how it must have been to hear Johnny Smith live "back in the day" because the similarities in approach were uncanny.

    The solo album is my favorite for the reasons mentioned. Hal Leonard published two books featuring arrangements of the songs from that record, but they are not transcriptions. I am not sure if they are still available (mine are well-worn).

    Separately, I actually met his son-in-law through a mutual acquaintance last year who happens to have his own studio. He kindly gave me an unopened copy of Mike's Fusion album with an open invite to visit his studio at any time. I still need to take him up on that offer.


    John Galich