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    68 Guild CE-100 Capri through a ZT Custom Shop Jazz Club amp

    Hadn't heard of Charlie before or ZT amps. The jury is still out on the ZT, I'd say.


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    Their Lunchbox amps are fairly well-known around here. Reviews are mixed.

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    Sounds great to me.

    I was part of a testing group on the original club about 10 years ago. Should have bought one (they were $350 then!) as it sounded pretty much just like this.

    I'm a big lunchbox fan, I use that thing all the time, and I always get compliments on my tone with it.
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    Saw John Pizzarelli a couple of weeks ago, he was using that model ZT amp.

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    ZT is probably my favorite ss amp. Unfortunately I had to get rid of my Lunchbox, it developed some speaker problems, I think I wore it off. That's my only problem with it- it's not really serviceable.

    But this sounds great, I'll keep my eye on it for the future.