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    But if you were not aware (I wasn't) he has a couple "Organ Trio" albums with two guitarists, Ed Cherry and Peter Bernstein. I've been listening to both these the last couple days and I think it's some great stuff all around.

    Live At Van Gelder's - YouTube

    For Once in My Life - YouTube


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    B-3 nut that I am, I've heard of him, very good player, and good choice of guitarists for organ based jazz.
    Ed and Pete have certainly had a lot of experience there, 2 of the best in the biz...
    It'll be interesting to watch Ben's development.

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    I'm going through a Peter Bernstein binge right now so this recommendation will fit in nicely!
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    Ben is probably a little better known as a pianist/vocalist, but he's versatile. Here he is with Andy Brown.

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    He is also on Bobby Broom's latest release.