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    Saw his show last night here in Orlando. Always thought he was an intriguing musician. Did an Ellington album awhile back with no horns. I read he thought that would be a challenge. For a "pop star" just doing Ellington would be challenge enough. Trained at the Royal Academy of Music in London. The show, music, musicianship, was very impressive. I've played some of his tunes in rock bands and always found the music refreshing from a musician's standpoint. What I noticed though is many of his songs have aged well. I guess that's the mark of good music. He did two covers a Beatles tune and an obscure Steely Dan. Check him out if you get a chance.


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    Love Joe Jackson. Stepping favorite pop song from the early 80's.

    When he first came out it seemed he was a punk rocker. Same label that Elvis Costello got tagged with. I guess both those guys showed us.

    Catching up with Joe Jackson | The Current
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    A couple of my favorite Joe Jackson numbers.

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    I believe Teddy Kumpel was the guitarist. He had the chops which covered quite a range of styles. Think he's worked with Rickie Lee Jones before as well.

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    I was a big Joe Jackson fan years ago. Saw him first on the Stepping Out tour. I'm seeing him in a week for the first time in many years. Glad to hear the show is getting good reviews.

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    Jumpin' Jive is one of the best albums.

    Jumpin jive - YouTube

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    I heard the first movement from his symphony #1 a while ago.
    I thought it was great music. The cat obviously knows music.
    I always dug "Steppin' Out".

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    joe jackson has benefitted greatly from having the great bassist graham maby in his band...from his very first album, on!...fabulous player

    joe's "left" hand man


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    Michael Jackson's father?