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    Phil is one of the most original guitar pickers I've heard in a long time. And those harmonics .... holy cow!

    Also ....duet with Peter Sprague (playing a double neck)


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Yep -- incredible player! The second video is a Novax fanned fret "harp" guitar; he's played that for years!

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    I've never heard of Phil Degruy before today.

    He is one incredible guitar player - very creative!

    Thank you for posting that video for us!

    Steven Herron

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    I think he must buy his pants where David Lindley shops.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AndyV View Post
    I think he must buy his pants where David Lindley shops.
    Lindley Pants would be a great name for a band!! You could sell Godawful pants as merch.

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    Started as a very good classical player; he's now a fine composer with a great sense of humor, and an eclectic guitarist.

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    For anyone who's interested, Shane Theriot just post a great episode of his Riff Raff podcast where he interviews Phil Degruy. Really amazing playing and conversation. Shane is a really good player. He toured with the Neville Brothers for ages and now plays with Hall and Oates. Some phenomenal solo records as well.

    Episode 32 with Phil DeGruy
    On the Turntable: Joe Morris - Colorfield, Albert Ayler - The Hilversum Session
    Fender AVRI '59 w/ TI Swing 11s and Tyson Tone pickups
    Through: Polytone Mini Brute II