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    Not jazz, but I still dug it: Ray Parker, Jr. at Tim Pierce's studio

    This video has nothing to do with jazz, but I found it so engaging I thought I would share the link.

    Tim Pierce is a session player with a long list of credits, mostly rock and pop. And he's created an online guitar lesson program. I'm not a member or student in that program, but I might give it a go one of these days.

    Tim shares some videos freely. This one is a three-part interview with Ray Parker, Jr. Each part is 15 or 20 minutes.

    Of course I knew about "Ghostbusters," but Ray's stories about playing sessions alongside James Jamerson in Detroit while Ray was still a teenager, and how he got lured into doing the Ghostbusters theme--were just really fascinating and charming to me.

    And it's instantly clear that he's a great player with a fantastic right hand and very deep pockets.

    So again, not a lick of jazz, but two great players chatting and playing.

    (I recommend rewinding the video to the start. For some reason, it wants to start about a minute or two in. Probably my glitch.)

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    Tim Pierce is amazing and has really fantastic guests on. Loved this one!
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    A very funky player seen here in an all-time funky band:

    "Don't worry about that. Everybody talks about finding your voice. Do your homework and your voice will find you." - Branford Marsalis

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    I enjoyed that one as well.

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    Yeah thanks .... What a life !

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    Thanks, great player and a great guy! Ive learned a lot just listening to his stories.

    Also that you can buy a house by playing mostly rhythm guitar is very inspiring and reassuring!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sam Sherry View Post
    A very funky player seen here in an all-time funky band:
    Sam, thanks for that! I didn't realize Ray Parker ever played with Herbie. What a track!

    When I was at GIT in the early 80's, Howard Roberts said one day in a seminar--talking about the importance of rhythm and pockets--he said something like:

    "~ and when everything is working, man, that...thing...just. comes. ALIVE!"

    I think I finally really know what he meant.

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