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    Midnight Blues


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Midnight Blues

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    Crazy good:

    Midnight Blues

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    Midnight Blues

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    Alessio is a beautiful person and player. When he came to NY a few years ago I had already reached out. He came to Sean Smith's and my gig at Walker's and first hugged me, second sat in, third we stayed after the gig and acoustically played Django tunes. Then I brought him to the 'Den Father of NY guitarists'---AKA Gene Bertoncini's steady at the time and he sat in there. Came over the crib for vittles and to play, though he wasn't feeling well that evening.

    Like I said---a warm beautiful, humble cat and swinging, knowledgeable of songs player. I miss him...

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    Very cool! I love his playing and would love to take a lesson or two from him (working on my Italian, even though he speaks very good English).

    Although I haven't met him personally, I concur with what you've typed about him. That's certainly been my experience with him through e-mail correspondence.

    Thanks for the post and
    Midnight Blues

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    Midnight Blues