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    Another PSA for the fans of Miles Okazaki: 3 very recent releases that I am aware of

    - Hive Mind, with Trevor Dunn and Dan Weiss on Tzadik Records… out yesterday! John Zorn is involved, so expect the unexpected…

    - saxophonist Aakash Mittal’s Nocturne, with Rajna Swaminathan on percussions. Very interesting Hindustani Raga / Jazz music.

    - with Amir ElSaffar & Rivers of Sound: The Other Shore. He can’t be heard very much, to be honest (less so than on the previous release of the same formation), but an excellent album nonetheless. At the junction between Jazz and Arabic music.
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    Miles has just sent a note through Bandcamp to announce that his duo album with drummer Dan Weiss, 'Music for Drums and Guitar', is out on 29 October. Double-vinyl, single CD and digital. You can stream all the tracks now.

    Link: Dan Weiss and Miles Okazaki

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    Ha! Love this stuff. MO is fearless. Thanks for the heads up David! Download in progress.