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    In the mid 70’s I preferred JM to LC. I felt JM’s playing conveyed more emotion, where LC was spitting out a flurry of notes without really saying much (at least to me).

    But as their styles evolved over the years I ended up preferring LC. His later music generally seemed more melodic and connected more with me at an emotional level.

    I don’t listen to a lot of either one these days, but maybe I should revisit both, as my own preferences have evolved. Maybe they’ll connect in ways they didn’t last time I listened.


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    I remember getting a best of Coryell cd from our town's library and thinking that one song in particular reminded me of the Nels Cline Trio. That is definitely (for me, at least) very, very cool. It was raucous and distorted and almost falling apart. Kind of like pre-Mahavishnu McLaughlin. They are both awesome. Larry's work with Gary Burton was very cool.