View Poll Results: Favourite Guitarist

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  • John Scofield

    108 10.14%
  • Bill Frisell

    63 5.92%
  • Django Reinhardt

    138 12.96%
  • Wes Montgomery

    295 27.70%
  • Jim Hall

    138 12.96%
  • Joe Pass

    236 22.16%
  • Pat Metheny

    134 12.58%
  • Kurt Rosenwinkel

    65 6.10%
  • John Mclaughlin

    56 5.26%
  • John Abercrombie

    22 2.07%
  • Lee Ritenour

    23 2.16%
  • Pat Martino

    86 8.08%
  • Tal Farlow

    56 5.26%
  • Barney Kessel

    81 7.61%
  • Allan Holdsworth

    42 3.94%
  • George Benson

    125 11.74%
  • Grant Green

    99 9.30%
  • Jimmy Raney

    43 4.04%
  • Charlie Christian

    69 6.48%
  • Kenny Burrell

    138 12.96%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eivind August View Post
    Voted for Django, though I would've liked to see Al Di Meola here. But of course, that's more like fusion...
    Yup, I also voted for Django, but Al Di Meola was my original guitar hero

    There may be flashier players than Django (although he was no slouch) but I simply love his sense of melody! His solos just seem to be melodies within a song, and I love that.
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    John Abercrombie has the lowest score but he is really quite amazing. His solo starts at 4:35 on this video.

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    Can't respond...

    Johnny Smith and Howard Roberts not on the list. Both are extremely versatile and good at single-line and chordal stuff, and their stuff consistently just grooves, in a way that most other players stuff does not.

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    ON second thought

    My favorite guitar player is Charley Parker

    "UH...Charley Parker did not play guitar."

    "Oh're right, come to think of it....Now... who wants to buy several awkward looking 6-stringed instruments that will never be able to play like Bird did?"
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    Given the restrictions of the list it had to be Joe Pass for me. I'm an aging drummer from Australia but I've seen Pass several times and he could do it all and be a nice guy as well. He was never less than stunning as a player. But then there's Wes, and Tal, and Barney and ..........

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    Benson swings so hard that it sounds like R&B and Blues....but it's his own Style of Jazz Guitar.

    Anybody else swing as hard on Guitar ?

    I love that he is as Funky as Hendrix or Prince but playing Jazz.....

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    Benson is absoloutely amazing. He's the only one out there who really perplexes me. With anyone else I feel like I could cop their style if I devoted enough time to it. But with George some of the stuff he plays it's just on another world or summin. Like the most amazing improv I've ever heard.

    My other guy is Metheny. I suppose because my jazz leanings, as far as original music, run in the jazz fusion direction. I like his modern fusion direction while still having a real jazz improv style. And he's an amazing composer.
    Okay I picked two guys. Guess I always gotta be different.

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    Apparently I already voted on this poll a couple years ago, for Barney Kessel. Today, I'd vote Kenny Burrell based on the available selections - but Billy Bean is actually my favorite. I can't fault the poll though...when it came out I had not yet even heard Billy.

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    Didn't see Larry Coryell in here.

    Probably Metheny, although McLaughlin and Coryell were probably my first favorites.

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    Martino, Benson, Frisell, McLaughlin, Ellis.

    I can't pick just one. Though I voted for Pat since he was my first favorite jazz guitarist.
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    There are many great players that didn't made it to the short list, but seriously, Herb Ellis is really too important to be excluded.

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    Well, for me , I always liked George Benson's emotion and his ability to "play it raw" and his great rhythmic feel whether he's playing straight jazz or R&B influenced stuff.

    George Benson brings the true African American Jazz feel to and through the Guitar to my ears , often he sounds really soulful even on Standards ...