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    Guitar Davo you are on the money with this one! Thank you thank you!!

    Let me just start by saying thank you so much for your comment. It really means a lot to my mother and I. I am Lenny and Jewel Breau's Daughter.

    I agree one hundred percent with you, and I'm glad someone who actually knew my parents, has the guts to tell the truth and how it really was. For that i am grateful. I would love to touch base with you and possibly collaborate on some music here in the near future. As I am working on some various music projects personally as well as trying to clean up this mess of unrightfully released music, albums, books etc of my parents.

    Also working on my own documentary and some cool music projects incorporating both my parents music along with my own. Thank you once again. Please stay in touch. I love to meet fans, friends of my parents, and positive forces in the industry.

    Dawn-Marie Breau

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    My mother & wife of Lenny Breau is innocent by DawnMarie Breau(lenny Breau's daughter

    This goes out to all of the warm and friendly commentators. First of all let me start by saying I am Lenny and Jewel breau's daughter. Secondly My mother is NO murderer. She loved my father very much. They had their ups and downs like any couple does. However my mother stuck by his side through all the drinking and hangups he had. He loved my mother very much.

    My mother went into a deep depression losing my father. For years I just remember her crying and asking God why did this happen? It was extremely difficult for her to not only lose my father so tragically but on top of it all, to deal with peoples heartless and rude comments and outrageous allegations. She also forfeited her career because of this depression. She didn't even want to go on living but she had to raise me and be there for family. Can you imagine coming home and being told that your husband is dead. Then someone accusing you of doing it?

    Well I was there. Me and my mother were at church that morning, when we came home, they told us the tragic news. He had been drinking (finished almost a fifth of vodka) that morning and went swimming. This is how he would cope and relax. So I believe he went peacefully.

    Anyway my mother had to be strong for me, like she has been her entire life. Struggle after struggle loss after loss. She has endured a great amount of pain, yet made it through. Strongest woman I know.

    If anyone has any questions involving my mother and father Id be happy to answer them as best as I can. My mother isn't very internet savvy and has only recently encountered these ridiculous comments on the internet concerning my father.

    There are also a lot of people releasing albums, books etc of my mothers and fathers music. It is my goal to regain rights and royalties on these. Also working on my own music and documentary.

    Any kind and positive comments regarding my parents would be appreciated. If anyone knew either of my parents and have a kind word or memory i'd love to speak with you. My father would want his legacy to impact people positively.

    My mother had a rough life and for once Id like to see her happy and not struggling to get by, while others fill their pockets and benefit off of my mother and father. A copy write is a copy write.

    Thank you Dawn Breau

    *You can check out a few videos ive posted on my channel. I would appreciate the likes and shares, thanks again to all of our friends and fans. Couldnt do it without you.

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    Hi Dawn, so wonderful to hear from you! You have many friends here, your father was one of the all time greats and forums like this one aim to keep reminding the world of such (not that the Jazz world needs reminding - the music speaks for itself!). Before others welcome you and share stories (unfortunately I have none), might I suggest that you include links to your site(s) so that we can visit? Like your mother, some of us here aren't so internet savvy either!

    Best Regards, pp

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    We still have the sparse body of work he left for us to appreciate him with.
    RIP Lenny

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    I think Lenny had four children. It was daughter Emily Hughes who produced “The Genius of Lenny Breau in 1999.
    The Genius of Lenny Breau (1999) - Plot Summary - IMDb

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    Yes, an interesting movie. Both it and the book "One Long Tune" present Jewel as the primary suspect in Lenny's murder. The book portrays her as physically and emotionally abusive to Lenny. Both the movie and the book portray Lenny as a functionally vulnerable man ill-equipped to deal with the normal demands of life effectively. Jewel is apparently the LAPD's only suspect; since there has been no prosecution or conviction, it can be assumed there is not a strong enough direct or circumstantial case for the DA to act upon. Arguably Lenny's drug addiction(s) would have brought him into repeated contact with less-than-honorable people in many places in the US and Canada. Only Lenny's murderer knows (or knew, given how long ago this was; the murderer might no longer be alive) the truth.

    The greatest loss is of course for Lenny's family and personal friends. Best wishes and peace to them!
    Beauty is as close to terror as we can well endure. -Rainer Maria Rilke

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    My jazz teacher, Raj Rathor, was a student of Lenny's, and to me he had nothing but praise for him as a musician and as a man. While I'm not a big fan of Lenny's music, I do feel a little connection through Raj to him.

    Raj never talked about the circumstances of Lenny's death, although from what I've read online he seems to have had some insight to his later days. I know little about the circumstances of Lenny's death and have nothing to offer. I listen to his music sometimes and get enjoyment.

    I hope the families of both these deceased musicians find peace in the knowledge that their lifelong dedication to music has shed seeds on the fertile soil of many, many other musicians. In that sense, they live on.

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    circumstantial evidence

    "copyright" - not ' copy write '

    the YT video of Dawn-Marie Breau is apparently of a relatively young lady, who would have had to have been a small child when Lenny Breau was murdered; sometimes we remember things wrongly when we were so young . . .

    The book states many incidences of violence between the couple and Lenny's telling friends he thought his wife was crazy and dangerous. So much verbal testimony is hard to ignore.

    From what I have read, LB had four children - a son, Chet, and three daughters, one of which, Melody, died in 2014. Chet and Melody were the children of his first wife Valerie. Erica Hughes looks just like Joanne Glasscock - who changed her name to "Jewel Taylor" - so if she is convinced her mom did it, that is pretty telling.

    Reading about this woman's psycho-attacks against Lenny in a bar in front of people - knocking over a table and charging the stage - shows me that no matter how "helpful" she may have been to control LB's drug and alcohol intake and so forth, that alone is not ruling out the idea of a crime of passion - a fight could easily have occurred - she didn't need to strangle him with her bare hands - the coroner's report says "strangled" - there isn't a statement online saying HOW - done with a belt, a rope/cord?

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    Probably one of the extra horrors of a situation like this is that, for the families and survivors, the motivations and choices and actions are picked apart by armchair experts (like me) and blame is apportioned... by people who've never met anyone actually involved.
    Beauty is as close to terror as we can well endure. -Rainer Maria Rilke

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