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    Thanks for sharing the All Guitar Network show about Freddie Green!! Jonathan gives a nice nod to an unsung, yet, functional technique. Personally, I think it's pretty fun to play and sing over!

    I also believe FG chords can be a gateway to expanding on more sophisticated chord did for me at least


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    I watched the Freddie Green episode, very interesting stuff.

    I was particularly interested in your analysis of the beat and accents.

    When I studied with James Chirillo, I think he was approaching Freddie Green from the 40s onward. He does a "see-saw" motion with his strum that you don't do as much. It's just interesting to compare approaches. I'm not saying he's right and you're wrong--I just find it interesting to hear different perspectives--especially because you are both SWINNNNNGIN KATS!

    However, I think more people should be encouraged to try the "one-note" method--instead of waiting 50 years. I did the one note four to the floor in college and everyone hated me, except for the singers and the one professor on staff who specialized in stride--he really got what I was trying to do.

    One string tenor lines--James Chirillo called it that as well--they really get you to use your ear more than your eyes. You definitely shouldn't start with tenor lines, but it's really interesting to learn the four note--than three note--than two note--than tenor line--then you go backwards and build two and three note chords off of that walking tenor line.

    And, yes, more people should know about George Van Eps! He was so much more than the man behind Harmonic Mechanicisms:

    Jonathan, I was this close (holds up thumb and pointer finger) to taking a couple of lessons with you while I was living in LA. Missed opportunity!

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    As I mentioned above I'll be in Europe for the next couple weeks:

    I'll be in Bordeaux Oct. 18-19 for the Bordeaux Swing Festival, and then in Spain as a special guest with the Enric Peidro Swingtet, and then in Budapest with my own band Nov. 2, 3 and 4 at Lindy Shock.
    Jonathan Stout: Pre-Bebop Jazz Guitarist (and JGO member)-spanishtour-jpg

    I will be available for guitar lessons while I'm in Europe, so hit me up.

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    Hey all, I had a lovely 35+ minute porch practice session the other day, and I figured I'd share it here.
    It starts off with a bit of Rodgers and Hart's "Manhattan", and then I introduce the tunes from there.

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    Oh, and here's two great videos from the last couple months that you all might dig:

    Here's a tune with my big band, playing a chart I wrote and arranged, and unlike almost everything else my big band plays, it's a bit of a guitar feature! Here's the "Mill House Stomp".

    And here's a bit of "Undecided" when I was playing in Europe as a guest with my friend Enric Peidro's Quartet.
    (It's funny, this was in Dènia, Spain, at the hotel I was staying at. My room was literally on the otherside of the courtyard behind us, about 30 ft. away. Easiest load-out ever, ha!)

    (Gear nerds will probably find it amusing that I was using my 1937 ES-150 into a Nocturne Brain Jr. Barnyard Pedal, into a.... Bose L1 Compact speaker system for our gigs in Spain.)

    I hope you dig them. Cheers!

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    Hello all,

    I've not made much progress on a folio because the rights to the songs I didn't write would be pretty expensive, and likely eat up the cost of doing a book.

    For now, I've released PDF sheet music with TAB for the two tunes I composed and arranged for the album, "Pickin' for Charlie" and "Charlie's Lullabye" available on bandcamp.

    Bandcamp doesn't have a download delivery system for a non-audio file, so buy it and I'll email it to you.
    Both tunes just $5.00 (USD). No shipping or anything.

    "Pickin' for Charlie" / "Charlie's Lullabye" Sheet Music/Tab (PDF only) | Jonathan Stout

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    Jonathan Stout: Pre-Bebop Jazz Guitarist (and JGO member)-3-16-2020-live-jpg
    I'm going to do an open Facebook Live porch session (or perhaps it'll be a living room session) on Monday, Mar. 16 from 4-6pm PDT. I'll have a virtual tip jar open, and otherwise, I'll just be playing some solo guitar and talking about the tunes.

    Head to Jonathan Stout, Swing Guitar - Home | Facebook to catch it.

    Also, I'll be available for video-lessons on the video-chat platform of your choice.

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    Here's a new tune I wrote and arranged as a bit of theme for staying #safeathome and it's called "All Cooped Up".

    What's more, I've already got the tune transcribed and the PDF sheet music/tab up in my bandcamp store:
    "All Cooped Up" Sheet Music/Tab (PDF only) | Jonathan Stout

    And I'm still doing (mostly) daily solo porch-casts at Jonathan Stout, Swing Guitar - Home | Facebook (usually around 3-4pm PDT, or whenever my kid takes his nap). I leave them up afterward if you can't watch live.

    Oh and I've been doing a couple lessons a week, so hit me up if you want to do one. I've been using zoom, and I've gotten great audio quality, and the ability to set up a second camera. Cheers, all!

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    Hey Jonathan! If you get a moment check out these videos by drummer/percussionist Andrew Scott Potter (Bonsritmos on the forum) he has some interesting thoughts about early (prewar) jazz rhythm and how it relates to West African rhythms (as preserved in Brazilian culture.) Be interested in your thoughts.

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    Beautiful song, serenely played. Very nice. Well done, Sir!

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    Hey all, I've recorded a new EP of solo, acoustic, swing-style chord-melody guitar, called "All Cooped Up".
    Two of the compositions were written under quarantine, and the whole thing was recorded here at home using what I had at hand. For the time being it's a digital-only release on - but it's been submitted for further digital distribution to itunes, Amazon and the like.

    Jonathan Stout: Pre-Bebop Jazz Guitarist (and JGO member)-all-cooped-up-jpg

    Recorded under quarantine during April, 2020, Jonathan Stout's “"All Cooped Up" is 5 tracks of solo, acoustic, swing-style chord-melody guitar playing.

    The album was recorded at home, with what was at hand, using only a 1932 Gibson L-5 guitar, mic'd with a Rode NT-3 and a DPA4099, into a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2, using Garageband.
    It's available at All Cooped Up - Quarantine EP | Jonathan Stout

    Also, sheet music/Tab for two of the tunes, "All Cooped Up" and "Front Porch Swing" are now up the "Merch" Section of the bandcamp store. "Untitled in G" and "Buffalo Convention" should be up there eventually as well.
    Merch | Jonathan Stout

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    Next thread: Is Pre-Bop Corn?

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    Hey Jonathan, I bought the EP. Very enjoyable listening in general and for guitarists, a delight. Thanks for keeping this kind of playing alive and vibrant.

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    Lovely sound and playing, Jonathan!

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    TONIGHT Friday 2/12 @ 7:45pm EST / 4:45pm PST
    The Flurry Festival presents an hour-long video set from my "Close Shave Quartet", my newest and smallest band.

    Here's an original tune from tonight's show, "Riding with Paul."
    For the gear nerds, I'm my 1937 ES-150 and 1939 EH-185 amp.

    You can sign up at The Flurry

    And if you're digging the material, we're going to be releasing select tunes as an EP on Bandcamp soon. Cheers!

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    Nice! It's as if the Benny Goodman quartet was led by Charlie C. instead of Benny G.

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    Quote Originally Posted by campusfive View Post
    Hey all, I had a lovely 35+ minute porch practice session the other day, and I figured I'd share it here.
    It starts off with a bit of Rodgers and Hart's "Manhattan", and then I introduce the tunes from there.

    Just saw this (at first I believed it was from 6 days ago but then saw 2020). Very nice playing.

    I only know of one recording of Manhattan by Tal Farlow. I dig the tune and after hearing you play it, I'll have to see if I can locate the chords for this.

    Again, really nice sound and playing.

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    Hey all, I've got two of my own releases in post-production right now (an EP of selections from the "Close Shave Quartet" LIVE show, and a new, in-person, Campus Five album), but I also got to do another album as a special guest with the Enric Peidro Swingtet: "Sweet as Bear Meat" Enric Peidro meets Jonathan Stout. It's a treat to be the featured guest, and so the album features my guitar playing a lot more than I do in my own bands, so if you like my electric playing, there's a guitar solo on every tune.

    And it's OUT TODAY:

    SWEET AS BEAR MEAT | Enric Peidro & Jonathan Stout | Enric Peidro

    CD'S and DIGITAL at Enric's website:
    Enric Peidro & Jonathan Stout- Sweet as bear meat

    For the gear nerds... the Swingtet recorded in Spain, and recorded my bits at home in California. I used my 1939 L-5 for all the rhythm guitar, mic'd with my DPA4099 clip-on lav mic, direct into my interface (a Scarlett 2i2). The electric was my 1937 ES-150 into my Vintage '47 VA-185G, close mic'd with an Audix i5, into the interface. Other than the guitars, it's nothing that crazy fancy, but it worked out great.

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    You know, I realized I've played on a ton of stuff that folks might not know about, unless they're in the Swing Dance community, and know the other bands I play in. Anyway, here's the complete discography - and considering this Friday March 5th is another "Bandcamp Friday", it's a great chance to pick something up when Bandcamp waives their cut of the sales.

    Jonathan Stout: Pre-Bebop Jazz Guitarist (and JGO member)-000-discography-2021_1-screen-shot-2021-03-02-1-22-35-pm-png

    I think I have the chronological order correct on these:
    "Jammin' the Blues" - Jonathan Stout and his Campus Five:
    Jammin' the Blues | Jonathan Stout and his Campus Five

    "Crazy "Rhythm" - Jonathan Stout and his Campus Five:
    Crazy Rhythm | Jonathan Stout and his Campus Five

    "Steel Guitar Caviar" - Jeremy Wakefield:
    Jeremy Wakefield: Steel Guitar Caviar – Deke Dickerson and Ecco-Fonic Records

    "Moppin' and Boppin'" - Jonathan Stout and his Campus Five:
    Moppin' and Boppin' | Jonathan Stout and his Campus Five

    "It's the Girl" - Janet Klein and her Parlor Boys: (ha! I'm playing drums on this one)
    It's The Girl (2015 Release) | Janet Klein & Her Parlor Boys | Janet Klein and Her Parlor Boys

    "Michael Gamble and the Rhythm Serenaders" - Michael Gamble and the Rhythm Serenaders:

    "That New Old Sound" - Various Artists (Benefiting the ACLU):

    "Candy Jacket Jazz Band" - Candy Jacket Jazz Band:

    "Spreadin' Rhythm Around" - Jonathan Stout and his Campus Five:

    "Get Rhythm in Your Feet" - Michael Gamble and the Rhythm Serenaders:

    "Unstuck in Time" - Candy Jacket Jazz Band

    "Christmas Time in Los Angeles" (single) - Candy Jacket Jazz Band

    "Forged in Rhythm" - Keenan McKenzie:

    "Pick It and Play It" - Jonathan Stout (solo guitar):

    "Tribute to Louis Armstrong & His All?-?Stars / Live at Lindy Focus" - Gordon Au:

    "LIVE!" - Candy Jacket Jazz Band

    "All Cooped Up" (EP) - Jonathan Stout (solo guitar):

    "Groove at First Sight" - Enric Peidro meets Jonathan Stout:

    "Singles Vol.1: Sweet Ol' Wee b/w Don't Trip (extended)" (single) - Candy Jacket Jazz Band

    "Isolation Sessions" Volumes 1-4 (4 EP's) - Michael Gamble and his Very Swinging Friends:

    "Remote Riffing" - Keenan McKenzie:

    "Sweat as Bear Meat" - Enric Peidro meets Jonathan Stout:

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    FYI it's another "Bandcamp Friday" (all revenue goes to the artists, which is nice of Bandcamp), so a good day to check out some of this stuff.

    "Steel Guitar Caviar" has been a favorite of mine for years--glad to see it "in print" here--and I just got the Enric Peidro/Stout collaborations. Plus some unrelated albums by John Stowell and Jay Leonhart/Joe Cohn that sound pretty cool. Good on Bandcamp!

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    Hey all,

    Post-production on the next album with my Campus Five is wrapping up, but we've got a new EP launching for the FINAL bandcamp Friday May 7th, 2021: Jonathan Stout' Close Shave Quartet - "LIVE from the California Balboa Classic".

    While it's intended to be a digital only release, we are going to press a limited run of CD's (under 100). We can't put the bandcamp page up until that Friday, otherwise we'll miss out on the benefit of bandcamp forgoing their cut. But it'll be up at at midnight pacific time on 5/7/21.

    Here's a peak at the tunes and the great album art:

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    Yummy stuff! Can't wait for the CD.

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    I love that artwork

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    New EP drops in 4.5 hours (midnight pacific time)

    There are 4 options for purchase (and none of these links will be live until midnight pacific time):
    1) Digital Audio only - includes PDF's of the album art

    2) BONUS Video Version - includes PDF's PLUS the Videos for the 7 album tracks, and one bonus audio track, "Seven Come Eleven"
    3) Limited Edition CD - includes the "bonus video version" downloads
    4) AUTOGRAPHED Limited Edition CD - autographed by Jonathan and includes the "bonus video version" downloads.

    Jonathan Stout: Pre-Bebop Jazz Guitarist (and JGO member)-front-wrapped-jpg