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Thread: Ken Rosser

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    Ken Rosser

    Ran across this guy on Youtube. Never heard of him before, but apparently he's in So. Cal.
    Will have to try and find more of his music. Loved it!

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    Aug 2012
    Los Angeles
    Ken teaches at Musicians Institute and plays with all sorts of groups around town. I've seen him with at least a half dozen different types of acts. He's a fantastic player and a really nice guy.

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    I agree with Bryan. Super nice down to earth guy and excellent player. I think you can find him at TGP in the "lessons" section quite often. (At least you could several years ago.)

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    Thx Bryan and Tag for the information. I'm finding some great posts by him over on The Gear Page.

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    He still posts at the TGP. Nice guy too.

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    Been interacting with KR for years at TGP. Great player, a very caring, thoughtful, wonderful human being.

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