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    Cool, thanks for posting!
    Always great to see/hear john working his magic!


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Based just upon the sound of that video, I would not pursue one of those guitars. Maybe it's YouTube, since an awful lot of guitar videos sound bad, but I suspect that recording itself does not do justice to the instrument's tone. I can't imagine that it sounds that thin and tinny in person.

    I have heard quite a few videos where the sound is excellent and I suspect that the source recording gets the credit for that. Most of the SoundsPure videos, for example, have excellent sound and show the instruments off well. They are recorded professionally through good quality mics and savvy postproduction. Our own DB and Joe DeNisco get excellent sound on their videos, as well, with their direct input techniques. The Grez video sounds like it was recorded using the smartphone mic which is almost never going to be a good sound.

    If they're trying to sell guitars it would be worth their while to invest a little bit in getting the best and most advantageous sound of their instruments out to their potential customers. Even having a brilliant musician playing your instrument in the video is not going to impress quite as much if the guitar just doesn't sound good.

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    good stuff omph...i'm big fan of stowell and grez/guitars..nice too see them getting together

    a small thin light lively guitar is just what stowell likes

    reclaimed old growth redwood...such a nice touch...acoustically and environmentally..and classically californian!...bravo


    ps- and of course vid sound could be better..but heck i watch gear vids shot at namm!!! gotta readjust your mindset...

    pss- and shout out to (name dropped^) joe yanuziello as well...he and barry grez doin some great offbeat luthiery

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    No John Stowell, but another shot at hearing the Mendocino.

    The "jazz configured" Grez Mendocino. Much nicer recording than the NAMM one.

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    that's better!!! and totally agree (yet again) with grez...rolling back the volume to get your tone is essential old school jazz maneuver...treble bleed??? haha....

    some great tones to be had with tone completely rolled off and vol at 1-2 max!!

    remember that great clip of barney kessel..he's talking about puttin chickenhead knobs on his he knows exactly where he is when he's rolling 'em back!!


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    Did he send you the 40 page pdf? I would really love to see that!

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    I remember reading something in Guitar Player magazine (when it was actually worth reading...those were the and he said he had normal sized hands but was able to make the big stretches because he used the sides of his fingers instead of just the tips. That was an eye opener since I don't have big hands.