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    I just found out that most of Robert Fripp's solo output and collaborations with Eno are available via streaming on Apple Tunes. And, his King Crimson work (minus the live album USA, unfortunately) also became available late last year.

    This is pretty big stuff as far as I'm concerned. Robert was one of the last holdouts. I have all his solo albums on vinyl, but I'm glad to be able to stream them at the office, etc.

    I have been listening to Exposure, in an expanded edition with some alternative mixes and versions. This is great stuff, and in my opinion one of the best albums of the early 80's in its genre.

    His album with the League of Gentleman--a lightweight project, but a sentimental favorite of mine--and a couple of his instrumental ambient albums are still not available. We can only hope...
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    Great video about Fripp, with a big focus on his control of his music through DGM.

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    The League of Gentlemen was hardly lightweight; some of his best work, a break with his past.