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    Choro is a style of music that originated in Brazil in the late 1800s, peaking in popularity in the 1930s-40s. Like ragtime, tango, and habanero it originated from a mix of musical influences from Europe and Africa. At least that’s what I learned from Wikipedia. :-) The tunes are more composed and arranged than improvised, but there seems to be a strong improvisational spirit in the performances.

    I’ve become aware of a community of Choro musicians and fans here in the Seattle area. I’ve sat in on a couple of jams, and had a great time attempting to keep up with the rather complex charts. I had the good fortune to attend a house concert last night of 7-string guitar master Douglas Lora performing as a duo with Alexandre Ribeiro on clarinet. There are no recordings of that duo yet, but it was much like this performance of Douglas Lora with violinist Serena Eades.

    Not all tunes were at such a high tempo; they played a number of ballads too, but the level of intensity never let up.
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    Great music. Master 7-string guitarist Rafael Rabello raised choro to a very high art during his all-too-short career, and choro is very jazz-oriented in many ways.

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    Choro has a wonderful 7 string guitar tradition of beautiful active contrapuntal melodic bass lines.
    AA BB A CC A is a common song form. Traditionally, players take turns playing sections of the themes,
    creating variations or improvising off the melody.

    This is the context I first heard Douglas Lora, great player.

    Brasil Guitar Duo - Videos

    Hermeto Pascoal choro composition:

    Fun style to play.

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    Wow - Douglas Lora is quite the speed demon of the 7 string classical guitar!

    That was some intense playing by both of them.

    Thank you for posting that video!

    Steven Herron

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    ChoroLoco is a Choro band who perform around Seattle and host frequent jams. I first met them at a hallway jam at Wintergrass (an annual bluegrass/folk festival in Bellevue), but since then have attended a couple of performances. All members were in the audience at last night’s house concert.

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    This video isn’t choro and there’s no guitar, but Adriana Giordano is a Seattle area Brazilian vocalist who promoted last night’s concert under her side hustle “Giordano Productions”. I love her singing, and she’s great with her band Entremundos.

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    This is big time good!