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    Maybe some of you guys play banjo...

    One of my kids - 5 years old - wants to play banjo. I have different instruments at home and lost of music, but I do not force my kids to play... he can play some uke already (he has good ear and good hands) but as I do not push it depends much on his mood.

    With banjo he seems to be fascinated with the sound....
    Also banjo open tuning has easier grips for a beginner in my opinion.

    I am not sure he will stick to it really so I do not want invenst a lot in it.

    I am not in a banjo country (but here there are also bluegrass fans and some banjo fans groups as in any really big city now probably). There is some used banjo market too here... but mostly chinese Caraya banjos .. used for about usd100-150, depends on condition.

    Recently I came across a banjo uke... pretty small, tuned like uke... I am not sure if it will work for the purpose really.

    On the other hand I think maybe cheap real banjo would be better (after all I like trying new things too).

    I am not sure about 5-string bluegrass or jazz 4-string type too.

    Any ideas?



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    Basic chord fingerings are much more awkward and difficult for beginners in tenor tuning. On the other hand, the tenor string length is shorter.

    I would opt for an open-back 5-string. The closed-back variety is very heavy, far heavier than a guitar, and a five-year old would have great difficulty holding one.

    Gold Tone make good student banjos, but you will find cheaper Asian things online, at commensurate prices.

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    He has four years to get to this level

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob MacKillop View Post
    He has four years to get to this level

    I would be happy (but secretely I hope he would pick up one of my lutes)))

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    I actually came across a used concert -size banjolele... it is setup well and costs about 50bucks..

    as he can play some uke grips - it will be easy for him to try ...and it it resembles a bit some kind of banjo style sound... if it is really banjo tone that he is after I'll get him a normal banjo