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    More well known guys who don't play mostly Gospel but still play in these styles depending upon which performance are Kirk Fletcher and Eric Gales .


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Here 's a Youtube playlist with lots of gospel guitar playing and players. The only style of music i love more than jazz!

    Gospel R&B Guitar - YouTube

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    Not sure if they have played in Church but the Styles overlap ( depending on tune ) but some more obvious additions would be

    Norman Brown known for ' smooth Jazz' but actually IS a great Guitarist who plays R&B Guitar
    Paul Jackson Jr.
    Kirk Fletcher
    Eric Gales

    And then -an absolutely great R&B Guitarist, maybe the best ever - but he is known more for 'Jazz' and rarely plays actual R&B Tunes ...they call him

    George Benson ...
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    Thank you all for a great thread with shout-outs to cap rad & Reg!

    My humble contribution: Binky Griptite.