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    OK, I’m not gonna mix words here. This is a masterpiece.

    Bob’s voice is better than it’s been in about 40 years. He wrings every ounce of meaning about these songs, which are much more meaningful now that he’s in his 80’s than when he wrote them.

    It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue? Dang, that hits close to the bone.

    Very similar to Joni’s reinterpretation of her songs like Circle Game and Both Sides Now. In fact, maybe he saw Joni and thought, I can do that.

    Anyway, give it a listen. 1 guy and 4 (or so) guitars, including T Bone Burnett and Greg , and a standup bass and accordion. I imagine there may be a Volume 2 of songs from the 70’s-80’s and beyond.


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Here, I'll do it for you. It's okay but some backing vocals would have lifted it a bit.

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    I purchased the streaming product when it first came out. Love it. Leave it to Dylan to have come up with one of the more interesting “presentations” during Covid. Looking for forward to listening to it again.

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    I didn't realize this was the soundtrack from the streaming movie from 2021. The son of a friend of mine was involved in the production. Not sure what he did, though he is a touring and studio guitarist. He's not listed on the musician credits I've seen. He was sworn to secrecy at the time. His dad, who's a good buddy, would just say that Hunter was involved with a big project with a famous musician we can't identify--you'll find out sooner or later.

    This works on many levels. The photo above is a great illustration of the theme: love, loss and mortality. The title Shadow Kingdom--well a shadow is a dark reflection of our real selves. When we die, we pass into the shadows.

    Of course Dylan always reinvents, but this may be the last word on these songs.

    Look at the playlist--the symbolism is inescapable. And Dylan's world-weary but wise voice can bring a new meaning to all of them, like It's All Over Now, Baby Blue, and Watching the River Flow.

    When I Paint My Masterpiece
    Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I’ll Go Mine)
    Queen Jane Approximately
    I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight
    Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues
    Tombstone Blues
    To Be Alone with You
    What Was It You Wanted
    Forever Young
    Pledging My Time
    The Wicked Messenger
    Watching the River Flow
    It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue
    Sierra’s Theme

    BTW if you don't listen to What Was It You Wanted (off of Oh Mercy) and picture Death touching Bob on the shoulder, you're not very imaginative.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doctor Jeff
    Bob’s voice is better than it’s been in about 40 years.
    He always sings better when he's not trying to be heard over a rock band.

    Got time for a little game of Name That Archtop?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sam Sherry

    ... Got time for a little game of Name That Archtop?

    Hi Sam, Doctor Jeff,

    Nice one! Is it a mid-30s Gibson L-5? There's the narrow headstock, big inlays and, perhaps, a barely discernable flowerpot inlay.

    Great to see Dylan still playing so well. I've always enjoyed the jazz side of his work, all the way back to songs like 'Peggy Day' and 'If Dogs Run Free'.

    All the best

    Mick W

    Bob Dylan: Shadow Kingdom-dylan-sk-jpg

    Bob Dylan: Shadow Kingdom-dylan-sk-closeup-jpg