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    Quote Originally Posted by Doctor Jeff
    It's dang hard to come up with something that builds up to a crescendo and isn't trite and cliche-ridden
    Something like the ending of Ravel's Bolero or (possibly) the end of the final movement (Terremoto) of Haydn's Sieben Letzte Wörte?

    You think that's why so many recordings end with a decrescendo fading away before they even reach the end?

    Reminds me of something not by PDQ as I thought:


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    With a word she kin get what she came ferrr....

    She writes much of her own material. She's successfully crossed over from country to pop to rock. Spent her career working her tail off. Stayed (pretty much) out of politics. How can you not like Dolly Parton?