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    Any of these known here at all, I wonder? (Aside from the embarrassing band names, which incidentally applies to all three examples that follow...)

    Everybody seems to keep mentioning Kraftwerk in this context and how ahead of their time they supposedly were. I could never really connect to that. But perhaps what I have I mind is a more progressive/psychedelic subspecies of krautrock.

    Anyway, these two are my personal favorites:

    An incredible broadband voice through a decent stereo system (as I envied my friend for owning at the time):

    I also did like this. For the younger of you, the lady isn't holding a cell phone to her ear:

    For a third example, this was more (semi-)popular than the former two. I wonder, is this known to anyone but me here?


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    They're all new to me, and I liked all three. That Frumpy rocks HARD! Great drumming.

    I'm a huge CAN fan, who I guess is a little less "rock" and a little more outer space...

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    Cluster is a big favorite of mine. I have all their albums with Eno and some of their duo stuff as well.

    Interestingly Moebius and Rodelius formed a trio called Kluster in the late 60's, then changed the name to Cluster when Schnitzler dropped out.

    This song Tzima N'arki features the vocals of King's Lead Hat backwards...

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    Quote Originally Posted by mr. beaumont
    They're all new to me, and I liked all three. That Frumpy rocks HARD! Great drumming.
    This is essentially the same close bunch of guys from Hamburg, the most famous of representative being Udo Lindenberg, who also started out as a drummer before he turned German-language pop hero with traits of eccentricity. Today a sort of living legend.

    Lindenberg as a jazz drummer:

    And playing the drums in this intro (to be heard every Sunday on German TV over the past 50 years and counting...)

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    Don't forget about Amon Düül II (with umlaut on both the 'u').
    They had some success in GB, where their music was titled as "Krautrock" by a british Radio DJ. And later on this name was entitled to other german Prog Rock Bands.

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    Kraftwerk always reminds me of something a bit more recent and, erm, bucolic

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    You can't go wrong with this 70's music !
    Thanks for sharing, I only knew about Birth Control (that I loved from the beginning)

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    Don't forget that other quintessential staple of German Höhe Köchen

    (linking to a live version because it makes a few very effective points some might want to make )