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    I saw Molly in a small club on Wednesday with her band Golden Highway--it was an unbelievably awesome concert.

    If you're not familiar with her, she is a flatpicking virtuoso with a beautiful voice and nicely maturing songwriting skills, kind of like a combination of Doc Watson and Alison Kraus. IMO, of all the hot young players out now, she has the most "traditional" flatpicking style, ala Doc and Norman Blake, whereas her friend and frequent collaborator Billy Strings takes off from Tony Rice and Clarence White.

    This was the first indoor show I've seen in 2 years with no COVID restrictions. It was nice to be able to breathe the same air as the performers, even smell their perfume LOL without (much) fear of contagion. The old nemesis wasn't that far away, though, as Molly's mandolin player was sidelined with COVID or a COVID exposure.

    Anyway, she and the band were pure perfection. She was well complemented by her band of 2 young ladies on bass and fiddle, and her brother Trey on banjo (also surprisingly good). They played for over 2 hours, and there wasn't a person there who didn't want it to go on another 2.

    Run, don't walk, to see her when you get a chance.

    I already have tickets to a festival headlined by Billy Strings this summer. He is number 2 on my "must see" list. I only regret he was not there Wednesday night to play with Molly, as that would have been even more perfect.

    Here's my favorite song, a cover of one of the best Rolling Stones songs on their worst album:

    And here she is trading licks and vocals with Billy Strings:


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    I saw her this past September at the NC Folk Festival in Greensboro NC. Great show. Man I wish I had her right hand chops!

    In spite of the title, the festival has all kinds of music.

    In 2019 I saw Tele master Redd Volkaert:

    And in 2018, John Jorgenson with his Gypsy Jazz group:

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    Went to school with her. She was radiant and had unforgettable talent back then. Some people you hear and you say "They're going to be huge." Glad Molly is finding the way. She's the real deal.

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    I thought what MT was doing in that vid with Billy Strings was very good. Billy's was more the usual bluegrass solo but Molly's was very innovative. I don't listen to much bluegrass these days so others may be playing that sort of thing too but I hadn't heard it before. Excellent creative phrasing and rhythms.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimmy blue note
    Went to school with her. She was radiant and had unforgettable talent back then. Some people you hear and you say "They're going to be huge." Glad Molly is finding the way. She's the real deal.
    A couple of her class mates that I know of have also done well - Sierra Hull and Allison de Groot.

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    Those bluegrass flat pickers can play.

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    Yeah, she's the real deal alright. Awesome right hand.
    I first heard of her through a Troy Grady interview.
    Love to hear her play.

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    Yup she is awesome..i really like her and Sierra Hull, check her out if you dig mandolin

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    Billy and Molly are national treasures. Exceptional musicality married to awe-inspiring chops. It'll be interesting to see where they go in their musical careers.

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    Billy and Molly are both 29. At their age Bob Dylan was still 4 years away from his masterpiece Blood on the Tracks and Joni Mitchell had yet to transition from angelic folkie to jazz-influenced pop star--she was 30 when she came out with Court and Spark.

    So there's a lot of potential with these 2. Billy seems determined to go in every direction at once, both old-timey bluegrass and folk and jam bands. Molly was always more pop-oriented with her records, but her latest stuff is more a return to bluegrass roots.

    They both also have strong mentors like Bob Weir, Del McCoury, Ketch Secor and Gillian Welch. Lots of possibilities for collaborations here.

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    Michael Watts just did an interview with Molly; I don't think it's out yet but keep an eye out on his media pages if you're into that kind of thing.

    I guess everyone already saw this?