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I wanted to be able to play anywhere around the house without being tied to a computer so I've just bought a standalone 61-key Casio CTS300 for c£140. There are cheaper options CTS100 (c£90) and CTS200 (c£120) but the 300 has touch sensitive keys which I thought was probably worth paying a bit more for. They're pretty decent no-frills fairly portable options for beginners and they can act as MIDI controllers although there's no software included. So I'm just starting on the Coker book too.
Glad you are on board. Yes, touch-sensitive is important, I wouldn't buy a keyboard that didn't have dynamics.

I do love using the midi and if you want to give it a go check out this piano software that is free, lots of free sound software in the Reaper Mania videos. He did a series of them. Note that all sounds used in the video are free plugins (software).

If you are an Apple user you can use GarageBand which is already loaded with sound plugins that you can use with your midi controller.