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    B52s, just because.

    Seriously rockin.

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    I have liked that line since I first heard it.

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    The Alien wife wants her man back and will give (him?) fish and candy as a reward.

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    She is offering fish and candy to the Jolene who took her man.

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    Understood. Maybe she has plans for that fish?....

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    Love the B's.

    I remember a guy raving about this group that was playing in Atlanta around 1980, though he had a hard time describing exactly what kind of music they played. I think he mentioned weird outer space surf dance music or something similar.

    I got their first record, which of course is unique and awesome, but didn't get around to seeing them for a year or 2. By then they were semi-famous. We ended many a party at the frat house with the song Rock Lobster.

    They were a fun group of people. Apparently they are working on another album. I follow Kate Pierson on Facebook, and she's quite a hoot.

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    Atlanta, 1978.

    Everyone had matching towels.

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    "weird outer space surf dance music"? If you substituted weird for punk (insert where it feels right in the word order), I would kind of agree. Kate is an absolute force of nature; they're all great.

    I just had a moment imagining this high art trash punk (you could go on forever) with a bit of prog rock thrown in. If something like that had happened in the UK in the 70s I would never have sold my guitar. However, we ended up with an ugly bunch of hooligans who couldn't play. (The Stranglers weren't punk, btw).