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    The Night They Closed the Fillmore Down – Duane Allman

    A reminiscence (not mine!) of the final night of music at the Fillmore East. The Allman Brothers played for a long time.


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    My sister used to work there for a while. I don't remember if she was there the last night.
    She used to get us free tickets to any shows we wanted to see.
    I worked with a vocalist who said he worked there, too. When I told him my sister's name, he looked at me like he had just seen a ghost! "You're her brother?", was all he ever said about it.

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    Sung to the tune of "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down"


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    I remember getting to see the original Allman Bros at Overton Park Bandshell in Memphis in about 1970. One thing I really noticed was all the local opening acts had puffy fluffy hippie frilly clothes and had stage hands to set up their equipment. When the Allmans got on stage they were wearing blue jeans and tanktop T shirts and carried their own equipment onstage. They really played well. They had Lansing speakers in the Marshall 4 12 speaker cabs Duane and Dicky used. I never got to go to the Filmore but I sure liked Moby Grape!!! Jerry Millers Gibson L-5 through a old Fender Bassman really had a great sound.They were the first three guitar group I ever heard but the parts were worked out so the music wasnt too busy.Their first album is a classic to me. I went to high school with Dicky Betts cousin and he told me Dicky was a black sheep in his family untill he started making some substanial money. Funny how peoples values are.

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    "Live at the Fillmore" and "Eat a Peach" were seldom off my turntable for a long, long time. When they were, it was to make way for "Rainbow Bridge" and "Live in the West."

    Heady stuff!
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    The Allman Brothers Band was my gateway into great music. I started listening when I was 11, about the time Eat a Peach came out. They are still among my favorites and a touchstone that I have to return to regularly.

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    The Allmans were the second concert I ever went to, in 1979--Chattanooga Memorial Auditorium. (The first was Jimmy Buffett at the same arena.) My main memory is just how basic it was--a bunch of scraggly guys with long hair playing loud music on stage. No light show or special effects. Oh and the smell of marijuana wafting through the air.

    I imagine "Dangerous Dan" Toler was the second guitarist after Dickey on that tour.

    I saw them again in Atlanta at the Fox a couple of years later. Very good show as I recall. Again probably Dan Toler on guitar.

    They are one of the greats.

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    I wore our two Fillmore albums ( and the frets on a 1976 Les Paul) learning Duane and Dickey’s solos. To this day, I never tire of hearing that album. The chemistry of that group was incomparable.

    I still have the 76’ Les Paul cherry burst I bought new at Sam Ash in Huntington NY - paid $350.

    What a fun time -

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    I saw the Allman Brothers shortly after the Live at the Fillmore East concert. Third row center. Basically the same show. Best I've ever seen.

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    I never got to see the Allman Brothers at the Fillmore East, but did get to see B B King and Albert King there. Both were great shows!