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    For some reason I am on a blues kick lately.

    New album by the Black Keys with Kenny Brown and Eric Deaton featuring Delta Blues songs by JL Hooker, RL Burnside and Junior Kimbrough among others. Turns out Dan Auerbach, who was obsessed with Delta blues, made a visit to see and play with Junior and his family when he was a teenager. His dad took him down there when he was 17! (My dad took me when I was 17 to some colleges for tours and interviews. I don’t think he would have taken me to some juke joints in MS...)

    Pretty good stuff. Great tone on the Tele by Dan.

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    Here’s RL Burnside doing the same song...hypnotic...

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    The Black Keys Crawling Kingsnake:

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    John Lee Hooker in 1948:

    Any thoughts on what guitar and amp he was playing??