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    Check out the video of the big "Trolley" production number, Judy Garland as Esther Smith. Right in the middle of her song it sounds like a man yells "Hiya Judy!" and she is momentarily startled. Maybe it was an intended joke? It's right after the lyric "I couldn't speak because he scared me half to death." Happens around 1:10, but it's worth watching the whole thing. In those days these big production numbers cost studios a lot to run, with union scales for crew and such and such, and they liked to get it done once. Maybe they didn't have the ability to edit it out back then? (FWIW, I'm probably the oddball here, because I really love this kind of show music, it's actually my favorite stuff.) BTW, there's nice rhythm guitar and jazz banjo throughout the score.

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    From IMDB "Incorrectly regarded as goofs"

    "It is often incorrectly claimed that an off screen male voice calls out "Hiya, Judy" (referring to actress Judy Garland instead of her character, Esther). The voice actually says "Hiya, Johnny". This refers to Tom Drake' s character, John Truett, who has been trying to catch the trolley and apparently just made it. As soon as the line is delivered Esther looks expectantly screen right but we do not see John until the end of the trolley song sequence."

    This is a wonderful movie with outstanding music.

    Danny W.

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    This is a fun one. Listen to it twice, before, tell yourself it says "hi judy!"

    You'll hear it.

    Then listen again and tell yourself it's "hi johnny!"

    Remarkable how our brain can be tricked.

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    Thanks folks, this is great info. When I first noticed it, I thought wth?


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    FWIW, here's the extended clip version that starts much earlier for the setup with JG getting onboard..

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    And listen for the constant use of 6/9 without 7 on non fundamentals. Gorgeous.

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    Woody is right. It makes the song.