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    Stumbled across this fine player whom I had never heard of before. Frankly, I was blown away. He's impressive on all levels as a singer, mandolinist, and improvisor. He's not jazz, but he could probably do anything he wants. He definitely has my attention and respect.


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    I went to see Punch Brothers a couple of years ago and it was the most obscene (yes exquisitely tasteful) display of musicianship I have ever seen in my life.

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    And yes, he (and his band of virtuosi) can do whatever he wants

    Featuring added Julian Lage for the jazz bit. Take in small quantities.

    He can pack out the Wigmore hall to play the Bach partitas on Mandolin and crack jokes between pieces. And all the violinists in London not only accepting it but shaking their heads in disbelief.


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    Oh shit Flek’s on that one too

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    Agreed. Thile is an alien. An absolute monster musician.

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    He mentioned Cecile McLorin Salvant. She and Samara Joy are now my favorite female singers. Just amazing talent from both. Thile has been around for a long time, getting a very young start. He can play - almost anything. He took over Garrison Keillor's show and is one of the highlights of NPR for me.

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    I introduced my daughter to Nickel Creek when they first came out and have been a Thile fan ever since, as has she. He is certainly one of the top musicians on the planet. Saw Punch Brothers at SXSW and was totally blown away. Was lucky enough to see Chris "Critter" Eldridge from Punch Brothers and Julian Lage together here in Austin with my friend D'Q Fan.


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    Quote Originally Posted by sgosnell
    He took over Garrison Keillor's show and is one of the highlights of NPR for me.
    Sadly, it didn't survive the budget cuts and Covid impact last year; the last show was last summer. They changed the name to Live From Here, though both it and Prairie Home Companion are dead now. Hopefully they'll start it back up again someday.

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    There were more than a few jazz tunes played on "Live from Here," they even did a tribute to Mingus, IIRC.

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    Yeah, sadly live from anywhere became impossible. Perhaps when things get better...

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    Chris is a bona fide prodigy and certified genius by the MacArthur Foundation. Live From Here was a gem of show, so eclectic and always full of top notch performances. I remember Gabby Moreno turning in such a compelling performance once, to which the audience responded very enthusiastically... such a performance that Chris turned to the act that was to follow her (which was a band, I forget who) and said "sorry fellas".

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    I’ve had the pleasure of attending at least a couple of live concerts featuring Chris Thile. He’s amazing and attracts the best bandmates.

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    I saw Chris Thule perform with bassist Edgar Meyer a couple of years ago. The entire evening was a jaw-dropping event.

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