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    The kalimba is a piezo pickup inside it that I've combining with the mic'd tone. I'm able to compress the DI tone immensely to get more sustain out of it without sacrificing the isolation. Plenty of wet effects on the kalimba too to give it some body. The guitar is mostly acoustic, but I grabbed a DI line there too so I could bring out a bit more low end.


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    C'mon. This is good stuff. And not one response?!?

    McJazzer, your duet sounds like what Sebastien Giniaux was also after:

    I think this music makes sense. That's what jazz is, at heart. A blend. A stew. Maybe a salad. But it's always a mix. That's what birthed jazz and continues to give it life

    Great playing in general, Mr. McJazzer! Always great to see another guitarist rocking an Eastman with pride

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    Thank you sir! I finally got around to listening to that video you posted. That's pretty awesome. I'll be sending it to a few friends.

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    Glad you liked it. Sebastian is a hell of a gypsy jazz player. Plays lightning fast with a quasi Benson picking that he brought over to the manouche rest stroke style. I like these types of acoustic hybrids of music and culture. Sound "of the earth". Great playing and rhythmic drive on your end, as always