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    Great musician for the way she channels intensity. Can also swing, rock, play Keith Moon, Ringo.


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    The drum parts of this album by Genesis really showed Phil Collins to be a true drum heavy, who brought an orchestral vocabulary that's the staple for a jazz drummer, into the rock world. Phil's drumming on The Battle of Epping Forest is a piece in itself.
    Nice cover she does!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peter C
    Great musician for the way she channels intensity. Can also swing, rock, play Keith Moon, Ringo.
    That's really impressive !!!
    I love the album and know it so I appreciate more.

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    Phil is IMO one of the greatest drummers to play in a rock format. In addition to the orchestral vocabulary, he brings a jazz feel into the less bombastic pieces as well.

    Here he is with Brand X—the interplay between Phil and Percy Jones is phenomenal.

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    She just about nailed this. I hadn't heard it in years but along w Yes just about every part of every tune in their catalogue is permanently burned in my brain back from when i was wearing out these records.
    I haven't listened to other covers of their material save for the Musical Box band, but she really captured the sound/feel of the tune, from the sticking on the bell of the ride cymbal to the swoosh on the crash to the bass drum etc. I had a smile on my face the whole time.
    First Eleonora Strino, now her, 2 outstanding young ladies in a week have really impressed me.
    You go girls!

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    I was actually thinking that I'd like to see her play Epping Forest, certainly one of my favs from a compositional standpoint. Yes, she makes me smile a lot, too.

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    The drumming on the 7:8 section on ‘Cinema Show’ from the same album is very tasty, reminds me a bit of Billy Cobham. Apparently Phil Collins had been listening to Mahavishnu records just before that.

    When young he learned drum rudiments from Lloyd Ryan, a respected big-band style drummer, I think it shows.

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    I revisited the old Genesis records recently, and to be honest with the benefit of better ears than when I listened to their stuff years ago I was knocked out by Phil’s playing. What a great drummer! Shame about the endless dribbly Tony Banks interludes, but it was the era haha.

    I think there’s a reappraisal going on now he’s not tabloid fodder.... he plays on John Martyn’s Grace and Danger as well IIRC (Martyn had some great drummers) as well as some of the early Gabriel solo stuff.

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    Here's some more tasty Phil and bassist Percy Jones: