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    Feeling sorry for myself after nearly 14 weeks recovery from Covid, I couldn't resist this for sale: new for HALF PRICE. I've also bought a set of short scale Rotosound Black Tapes for it, though they might be hard to get on - we shall see.

    The Gold Label series is said to be in quantities of only six or so, hand made in Hofner's German factory, so I expect it to be in excellent playing condition. From the Hofner website:

    Gold Label instruments are either individual pieces or very small runs, usually of no more than six pieces. We create Gold Label guitars and basses using special woods or paint finishes. They are exceptional instruments, all hand made in the workshops at Hagenau, Germany, by our master craftsmen. Some might say they are works of art.

    Each Gold Label instrument comes with a certificate of authenticity, signed off by the craftsman who completed it and gave it a final polish. He will have paid exceptional attention to detail ensuring that the guitar or bass is faultless, that the fretwork is perfect, the finish gleaming and everything is in perfect order. Only then will it be placed in its case ready for its lucky owner.

    We keep a stock of special hardware for Gold Label instruments. This includes special finish control panels, non-standard knobs, vintage style pickups and more. For example some basses are finished using the famous Höfner "Toaster" pickups, these being replicas of the much loved design from 1960. You'll find these rarities only on Gold Label guitars and basses.

    Incoming Hofner Bass - Gold Label-case-jpgIncoming Hofner Bass - Gold Label-b2-jpgIncoming Hofner Bass - Gold Label-f1-jpgIncoming Hofner Bass - Gold Label-hr-jpg


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    hey nice looking hofner rob..never saw the unpainted neck like that..very interesting

    i have a black hof violin bass too!

    luck with the strings..hofs are really medium scale 31-32"...but some short scale strings work and others don't..check the ball end to silk length against the neck, before stringing up

    just for info...thomastik, pyramid and hofner all have nice pure nickel flats that fit...pricey but they'll last long long time

    congrats and enjoy that beauty

    hope it helps with those covid blues


    ps- was just thinking..sure its coming with hofner pure nickel flats...made by pyramid for hofner..good strings
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    Cheers, my friend. You are right, and I made a mistake. I thought it was a 30" scale, but 32" is better. I can return the strings, especially as it comes with Hofner flats. I just love the feel of black tapes, so might try them at some future date.

    Well, I hope it's all it's cracked up to be.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob MacKillop
    I just love the feel of black tapes, so might try them at some future date.
    you are in good company...macca on the roof..hof with black tapes


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    What does he know? Actually, the amount of times I've seen that roof gig, and NOT noticed the tapes...I need new glasses.

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    Well, the bass arrived today. I'm glad I only paid half price, as I don't think it worth the rrp of £2,600, but definitely worth what I paid. Nice case too.

    The strings are very thick, and the action is high. For those who can handle that, the sound is a beautifully-fat thud, perfect for some music. I had to lower the action, but I still find the strings too thick and heavy in tension, so I've ordered my favoured Rotosound black nylon, standard gauge, medium scale strings as replacements. I have them on my Danelectro, a bass I love to play, but the Hof does sound a lot better, I have to say.

    The body is completely hollow, and the acoustic sound is enough to practice with, without plugging in. The string length is longer than the Dano, but shorter than my Ibanez fretless. Hmm, three basses, and three string lengths...I didn't plan that very well, but somehow I'll get by.

    This is a good bass for jazz, I'd say. As upright as an electric bass guitar has a right to sound, and a lot easier to handle...though nothing ever comes close to a real DB.

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    the hofner control panel can be somewhat counter intuitive...the knobs are volume controls...and the on/off switches do more than turn on and off..they also add tone caps and resisitors into the circuit...same for solo/rhythm switch..which not only raises or lowers volume but changes the tone as well!

    macca setting is- solo, bass on, treble off

    have fun and congrats

    the different scale lengths really do make a difference!..


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    Yes, the electronics are...unique. But that's part of the fun of this type of bass. The basic sound is what I am looking for, the finish is top class, and with the strings I like I will be very happy with it. One negative - no side dots at all, not even the 12th fret. I beginning to think this is why it was to be had a half price - no problem. I'll get some stick-ons.

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    ^ no, thats how they all side dots!! drives a friend of mine batty too...haha...he got stick-ons too!

    hofners are beautiful instruments...old school in ways, but so nicely crafted


    ps- maccas better than you thought!! haha..they didnt come with strap buttons either...hofner still sells the beatle era side wraps/ties under the neck at the neck-body joint..and the other end clips to the tailpiece!...
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    No dots as standard, eh? Hoff players are tough cats! And how can you wrap around the neck at the body joint and still play?!

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    The Macca on the roof thing is the reason I kept my George on the roof Rosewood tele, even though my Beatles tribute stopped.
    Man, what a concert that was....what a band...

    Play it in good health Rob.

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    ^ all rosewood teles are so beautiful...but sooo heavy!! even when they sandwich the body with a lighter middle wood

    hari wound up giving his to delaney bramlett of delaney & bonnie


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    Just as an update: I bought a set of Rotosound black nylon strings, but they are far too thick for the nut grooves, and in the time it took for them to arrive I had grown to love the stock Hofner flats. So, although I could get the nut adjusted, for the moment I'm happy to stick with the Hofner strings. The Rotosound will be reserved for when I change the strings on my far the present set have been on for three years and counting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by neatomic
    ^ all rosewood teles are so beautiful...but sooo heavy!! even when they sandwich the body with a lighter middle wood

    hari wound up giving his to delaney bramlett of delaney & bonnie

    And Delaney sold it shortly after George died, for almost half a million. The buyer was Georges widow, Olivia. Which is a little weird, considering he got it for zero dollar in the first place.
    But yes, it's very heavy,

    They say the rooftop concert was ended by the police, but my theory is that these were actors hired by George to make sure he didn't have to carry the guitar for more than 40 minutes,,,

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    Here's my first video with it, a run through one of John Patitucci's excellent melodic etudes. Stock strings through a Phil Jones Double 4 practice amp.

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    always impressed by your gifts, and facility across various instruments. great tone you're getting here. evocative of an upright while being slightly different enough to be its own thing. the black is a neat departure, but my love of fancy hofners wonders if it could have used some pearloid somewhere- a pickguard or a control plate. but it's a sweet look, especially in b/w.

    i've long lusted after a hofner of my own-- a hofner anything really. but i'm more of a club bass man, myself. i understand they're the same aside from the shape. interesting that this does (and doesn't) get the mckillop seal of approval (depending on the price). since they don't really exist in the wild, i'd just have to get one and hope for the best, should it ever happen.

    but i have a reasonably similar bass, sort of. an older 90s era short scale guild acoustic thing, with a piezo and a preamp. on a similar quest, i put some short scale tape wounds on it, and man, was it a disaster. first time with tapes so i didn't know about the feel; there's no tension at all. they just flop around. i had to tune it up to standard (from a whole step down, where i had it set up) and the piezo still tracks funny on some strings. really liking the acoustic-y sounds, but can't deal with the feel.

    so now i'm thinking i should investigate hofner strings, or at least, medium scale ones, in the hopes of bringing the tension back to a more manageable place. or get myself a hofner.

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    I played a Hofner Club bass for many years, had it made fretless and installed a set of red Ernie Ball tape-wound strings that sounded awesome, gave me a real upright sound sound while still maintaining the McCartney fatness and bloom. Great instruments, and very light. Without frets, the strings lasted until the bass literally fell apart, and I never saw those strings anywhere again.

    Anyway, your bass sounds great, and looks really cool.

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    feet - I really don't like pearloid, so I'm delighted this model doesn't have it :-) but my daughter has one which does. The Club is a fine bass, nothing I don't like about it, but prefer the violin shape.

    ron - I wouldn't mind a fretless violin bass. I wouldn't do it to this one, as the frets are really well made and seated. But Thomann sell a fretless Harley Benton violin bass for the LOW price of ca.£150. maybe worth a gamble sometime, just for fun.

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    yeah rob..playing it thru an amp and yet picking it up acoustically as well, is what makes the hofner so great...combined, has a real upright tone...very alive sounding bass acoustically...esp with the right strings!!..which when hofner shipped, are pure nickel flats!

    sure patitucci would get a kick out of you playin his lines on a "beatle" bass!!! hah


    please continue


    ps- feet.. club has an ever so slightly different nut to tailpiece length..changes things up a bit..a hofner club is a beautiful bass

    also piezo pickups don't react magnetically with string material (ex. pure nickel vs. stainless steel) it doesnt really matter what type of string you use...could be rubber bands...piezos work off don't overthink it..

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    That's right. I placed the mic in a position to get both the amp and the acoustic sound. That's what I hear when I'm practising. Unlike Macca, I have Rhythm and Bass On, Treble Off. The treble gives it a real punch, useful for band playing, but is a little too "electric" for my porpoises, so to speak.