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    Guitaristic versions preferred


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    The king sits in Dunfermline toune
    drinking the blude reid wine,
    "O whar can I get skeely skipper,
    To sail this ship o' mine?"

    Up and spak an eldern knicht,
    Sat at the kings richt kne:
    "Sir Patrick Spens is the best sailor
    That sails upon the se."

    Of course, Sir Patrick and his men drown. A painting in Auckland Art Gallery shows the womenfolk waiting in vain for the sailors’ return.

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    Straight, no brainer.

    Louis Stewart. She moved Through The Fair from 'Out On His Own'

    Not on YouTube so...

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    Keep listening. They bring this to some really cool places, gliding between 6/8, 7/4 and 4/4

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    Does "Whiskey in the Jar" counts? XD
    It's Irish song. XD

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    There is no better guitarist than Martin Simpson

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    Or Jim Mullen for that matter

    honestly, the Celtic thing is ... kind of an inaccurate short hand.

    Both of the songs you chose are English. I could play you some Northumbrian border stuff that you’d probably think was Celtic. History is more complicated.

    In fact I’ve been told it’s down to Henry VIII that English folk music was marginalised and we think of the music as coming from Scotland and Ireland - ‘the Celtic borders’ because there the music is taken seriously. (Obviously depending on where you go it will have regional variations.)

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    Now here’s some Finnish music.
    Not a ballad but I bloody love it.

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    You are absolutely right, but we all know what I am talking about . For me, Nordic also means Engish (okok, thats not the best wording).

    Thank you all for yours posts, keep them coming please, they are all beautiful!

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    Can't not mention Tony Mcmanus:

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrblues
    For me, Nordic also means Engish (okok, thats not the best wording).
    What does Celtic mean to you? These three are very different folk traditions.