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    I know he isn't a guitarist.. But I'm really getting into his stuff. What do you think, is it possible to get influenced in some positive way by his work for jazz? I'e always enjoyed electronic music.


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    I think there's a big connection between some ambient and "In a Silent Way" era miles, Keith Jarret's solo concerts from the 70's, and the ECM records aesthetic in general.

    Who else do you dig? I've never been big on Aphex, but I love stuff like Main, Pole, Jim O'Rourke, Oval, Microstoria, Christian Fennesz, Jan Jelinek, etc...
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    Ooo, right up my street!

    Flying Lotus, Thundercat, William Basinski, Stars of the Lid, Dead Texan. All good stuff.

    Flying Lotus is related to Alice Coltrane and jazz tone comes through. Thundercat collaborates and brings a funky fluid bass to the mix.
    There's a lot of humour in their music and also self parody. I love their stuff..

    The funniest story I've heard about Aphex Twin was that Madonna wanted him to produce a track so she could 'get' his sound.
    He made her make squealing pig sounds for a whole day in the recording studio. She left and never went back.

    Talking of getting influences from electronica check out Rotem Sivan

    Textures and sound scrapes.

    Here's a curve ball for you, AMM

    with Keith Rowe on guitar


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    Thank you guys!! Nice to meet someone like me ahah. Anyway I'm kinda new to ambient, so apex is one of my really first listenings. When i'll Get more into that i'll tell you what I find out! Btw I think that "yussef kamaal ' are a nice mix of jazz and some interesting drum and bass. Give it a try.
    thanks again!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jazzbow

    The funniest story I've heard about Aphex Twin was that Madonna wanted him to produce a track so she could 'get' his sound.
    He made her make squealing pig sounds for a whole day in the recording studio. She left and never went back.
    Ahaha nice story. People like him must be real geniuses..

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    aphex twin (richard james) worked with modern classical composer phillip glass...electronica can transcend specific genres..a well placed blip or bleep can work wonders..hah

    bill laswell has an impressive array of recordings which blend ambient and electronica with jazz playing...featured pharoah sanders, sonny sharrock, graham haynes, tony williams, derek bailey etc etc

    in the uk, spring heel jack...john coxon & ashley wales..have recorded with some great jazz players like john tchicai, matthew ship, john surman, kenny wheeler etc ..the latter 2 being the direct connection with ecm label, mr b alluded to^


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    I've been listening to Aphex Twin's "Selected Ambient Works Vol. 2" lately. Interesting and sometimes a bit challenging - I'm really liking "#23"

    An ambient artist I really like is Radiowave - a guitar player who recorded his music with a midi guitar system. He used a Godin LGXTsa with a Roland guitar to MIDI converter and a Roland synth module. All tracked live - no sequencing. Unfortunately there's only 1 CD called "Journey Through Oz" that came out in 1999 or 2000 on the old label and it's long out of print.

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    Just in case anyone likes it - I found this on Youtube some months ago, and recently had to order it on CD because it's got inside me so much - a beautiful album IMHO.

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    Thank you all guys!! I'm even thinking of playing something like that.. If I do it I'll post it surely!

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    This album right here.

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    I'ce always considered Squarepusher's material with a bass that sounded anything like a bass to be some of his weaker stuff, especially when you compare it to some of the stuff posted above (which I love btw!)

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    For more "drum n bass-y kind of stuff, I always thought this hrvatski album was brilliant.

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    Chill time dudes...

    Gosh, how about Sigur Ros?

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    Disintegration loops is wild...I love how it just slowly self destructs.

    For real "chilllllled" out electronic, I always dug this record by Signer, Low Light Dreams:

    This track is cool

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    So much material!! Thanks a lot, really. Btw I'm starting to love squarepusher ahaha

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    Thats Aphex Twin's song. And he is in the video also
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    When I saw Charles Altura's group during a visit to NYC last September, the last tune of the night was Aphex Twin's 'Film'!

    I managed to sneak a couple of clips for an Altura fan at home.

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    That's awesome ahaha. Thank you all