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    Great solo there Soco!! I thought it fit in well!! Mix of rock,jazz funk and blues all in one! What is that that you're playing? ( guitar? )


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Quote Originally Posted by keith View Post
    Great solo there Soco!! I thought it fit in well!! Mix of rock,jazz funk and blues all in one! What is that that you're playing? ( guitar? )
    Hey thanks! I am playing a lot of different types of music and I am trying to mix up things a bit!
    I am playing a semi hollow G&L ASAT deluxe on this clip.

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    Another clip from the same gig with the Russian rapper Krussia:

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    Quote Originally Posted by docbop View Post
    Jamerson is the definition of Funk!!!!

    Hearing those lines are just so sweet.
    Thank you Funk Brothers your music is a Masters Class in rhythm section playing.
    what a fantastic bass line in that tune!!!!

    he was at the top. too bad the bass players these days don't understand how to play funk. too busy.

    stevie wonder has played some serious funk, also, the bass/drummer team from little feat. and Carol Kay.

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    Great band Soco... sounds like too much fun. Beautiful playin... Next time I'm in NY or Boston... hook me up... I always playin jazz... keep posting, Best Reg

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    Anyone who wears a shirt with my buddy Buckwheat on it is "otay" in my book. Dirty, filthy, Broadway...go get 'em Hiram...

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    Wow... I liked his playing a lot more when he toured with Sanborn, that was a little roooocky. Maybe he was too thin, might be a weight thing... great post though, thanks Reg

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    Hey... sorry didn't post anything sooner... I played this tune at gig last night... was way cool, too much fun. Tpt player brought ... like Lee Morgans Sidewinder. Called Una Mas by Kenny Dorham... old school but still cool. I'm just got copy so I'm basically reading through... Reg

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    party music from Venezuela... a lot of fun to see live....

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    Great playing Soco!!

    You guys need to hang your head in shame......4 pages and no mention yet of..........MANDRILL!!!

    Check out the syncopation on this sukka

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    Some more nola funk!

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    Some Friday night funk!

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    got turned on to this little gem the other day......

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    this is another project i play guitar for, no fancy guitarwork, but hope you like it. let me know what you think guys.......

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    here's a lousy version of one of my non-jazz tunes, sometimes depending on what players... it can and does get in the funk zone... Reg

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    A full eleven tablespoons of boiling Memphis guitar....Cornell Dupree..1:35

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    what a tune!!!!! first time i heard that drum break on the live @filmore album i think i made my mate rewind it 20 times! soooo good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Richb View Post
    YEAH, best thread currently on this forum. Reg, sounds just GREAT. Loose, pocket playing man!!!

    Soco, GREAT playing, cool lines - what box you use for od?
    Hi, thanks a lot! I was using a Fulltone Fulldrive 2 mosfet overdrive pedal.

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    anyone knows of a good funk guitar book?

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    Keepin' the funk thread goin'! Here's some video I shot the other night of my friend's band, Cousin Junebug:

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    WOW! How did I miss this thread? Well, I love the funk. Old school, gritty, nasty funk. My current faves have to be

    The Meters (clearly)
    The Dap Kings
    Budos Band
    The Daktaris
    The Organites
    The New Mastersounds
    Eddie Bo

    If you ask me, funk sounds best on a semi or hollowbody. Funk is actually what got me into jazz in the first place

    Oh and check out this: It's likely you may sh*t your pants.

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    over played, but still sounds so good........

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    A doc on The New Mastersounds was just released through iTunes today. I'm looking forward to checking it out!