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    Hi all,

    I'm starting a jam night at The Continental in Preston, Lancs on the second Wednesday of every month. There will be a house trio, guitar/bass/drums.

    It would be brilliant to see people there and help it grow!



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    Hi, I would have liked to come over to your jam night but will only be up north (Hebdon Bridge) for one week, 24th - 30th july. do you know of any other jam sessions happening during that week.
    Last year I found one in Bradford at the Kings Arms, do you know if thats still running?
    I just miss playing when I'm away from home and always carry my bass and amp where ever I go, and I like the experience of meeting new players and making new friends.

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    Ooops, got that wrong..... I meant I would be up there from the 30th - 7th Aug.

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    Hi Chris,

    Im not aure how 'in date' this list is but maybe worth checking it out. they're all around Manchester so not very far for Hebden Bridge. im sure there's a Jam night in HB as well...


    → Lass O’ Lowrie, City Centre (Dale - 0161 273 6932) 20:30
    → Junction, Hulme. reggae/blues/jazz/soul/rock jam
    → The Q Inn, Stalybridge, Jam Session/Open Mic, Mon 8:30
    → The Thirsty Scholar (Jamie Gardinor)
    → Trof, Northern Quarter (Ollie & Tom - 0161 833 3197) 8.00 for 8:30 start
    → Matt & Phreds: jazz jams on the first and third Monday of the month and blues on the second and fourth
    → Saki Bar, 2 Wilmslow Road, Rusholme M14 5TB / every Monday 9pm - 1am / Tom (07840374202)

    → Astley Arms, Dukinfield Acoustic Open Mic Tues 8:00
    → Trof, Fallowfield (0161 224 0467) 8pm
    → Iguana, Chorlton (0161 881 9338) 8pm
    → The Salutation, 12 Higher Chatham St. (behind MMU @ All Saint's Park), off Oxford Rd, Manchester M15 6ED. 8pm start. Contact Terry on 07920164022.
    → Thirsty Scholar, City Centre, Open Mic, (Tony - 07763839267) 9pm

    → Thirsty Scholar, City Centre, (check)
    → Fuel, Open Mic, Withington (check)
    → Indigo: The Wednesday Jazz Sessions. Wilmslow Rd, Withington
    → Cinnamon Club, Altrincham, 2nd & 4th Weds every month - 'Jamjar Jazz Jam' - 0161 926 8992

    → Withington Jazz Jam, Solomon Grundy, 1st and 3rd Thursdays of month 8:45pm
    → Thirsty Scholar, City Centre (Rory McKee – 07710834173)
    → The Vulcan, Walkden, every Thursday (Check)
    → Noise Upstairs at Fuel, Withington, 2nd Thurs of the month
    → Brunswick, 97 Piccadilly, City Centre, M1 2DB - starts 9.30 (Josh - 07931781587)
    → The Whitworth, Moss Lane East 8.30 - 11.30

    → MU Students Union (Check)

    → The Buffet bar, Train Station, Stalybridge, Folk singalong, each Sat
    → Circus Jam, Castlefield Amphitheatre, Saturdays 4pm (Zoe Rees 07538000524)

    → Boho Live: booked acts and open mic slots at Uluru, Chorlton from 8pm
    → Circus Jam (Circus act Jam) The Platt Fields Chapel, 12 noon onwards
    → The Roaches Lock, Mossley Open Mic, Sun 8:30
    → Joshua Brooks, City Centre (Dom) - 8pm
    → The Deaf Institute, City Centre
    → The Crescent, Salford. host Lucinda. Every other Sunday 7:30-10
    → Kro2, Oxford Rd. 1st Sunday monthly. To book in contact Mike Nash 07857681543
    → Nexus, Acoustic Sunday 1st Sun monthly 3 - 6pm

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    Wow, thanks for that, it gives me plenty of leads to track down. I will get started straight away.

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    There is a jam session in Hebden Bridge at a pub called The Hole in't Wall about 5 minutes from the train station. Every tuesday and wednesday evening.

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    Hey Bailz I don't suppose if you know of any Jazz jam's in Leeds?

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    Hi whippersnapper. I live in Leeds + have space in my home to jam
    get in touch

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    in leeds there is Santagos. cant remember what night it is but i know a few people who do it. few people from leeds college of music get involved with it regularly.

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    You could try one of these