I'm a retired public school music teacher, guitarist, looking for other jazz guitarists to jam/practice/study Real Book tunes (GAS), etc. My degree is in Jazz Guitar, which I never pursued upon graduation having gotten involved in a very successful Top 40 band five-six nights a week for years, and then a Wedding band all during the eighties into the early nineties. I then taught music in a public school, and put on shows/concerts with elementary students for twenty six years until retiring and moving from South Florida to our dream home near the mountains here in South Carolina.

It's now my desire to have fun getting some jazz chops together and seeing where that takes me. I have learned some solo pieces and about 25-30 standards I can play. I have all the equipment I could ever hope for, and time to spend for sure. I'm also set for amps so you wouldn't need to bring yours unless you wanted to.

I live just outside of Greenville in Travelers Rest, and I'm willing to travel a fair distance to meet. I also have space to practice or get together at my home if you like. I could comfortably accommodate 3-4 more people in addition to myself, so other instruments would make it cool and interesting too.
PM me if you're interested.