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Thread: Houston

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    Anybody in the Houston, TX area? If there is a jazz scene, I haven't found it, but maybe I just don't know where to look.

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    I'm in the Houston area at the moment. I've been here off and on for about 5 years and haven't heard of much jazz although I haven't been looking really.

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    I'd imagine it's pretty rough there right now anyway, what with the recovery and all.

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    Actually surprisingly Houston looks fine until you get into some subdivisions in the NE, SE and out by Katy.
    Even there it can be sporadic. I'm working doing sales and estimation for a company which does flood reconstruction and we've got to search for damage. Not like the Northern CA fires where the damage is obvious. One thing you can say about both fire and water:
    They're good servants but bad masters.
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  5. Check out Cezanne Jazz Club in the Monterose area. It's a great club, with a mix of local talent and out-of-town guests. Woody Witt is a world-class tenor sax player who is involved in many projects there. :::CezanneJazz.com:::

    Tianna Hall is classic jazz singer who often works in small group situations with good guitarists ::: Tianna Hall & The Houston Jazz Band :::

    Erich Avinger is a great guitarist with a unique Texas blend of jazz blues and rock.

    Mike Moreno comes home on a fairly regular basis and performs at various venues.

    On the 'guitar scene' side of things, check out luthier Stephen Marchione's shop Handcrafted Guitars | Marchione Guitars

    All the best,


    Welcome to PaulKogut.com

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    Check out Gerhard Kraus in Houston! A fantastic guitarists' guitarist, a great teacher - and a heck of a nice, unassuming guy (I got to know him in Bavaria when he had just switched from the trumpet to the guitar):

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    Thinking out-of-the-box, you might want to try calling one of the local Music or Jazz Schools and see if they have any information on the local Jazz scene. Surely someone there would be able to help.

    For a start, here is a school I found after a quick search:

    Jazz Guitar Lessons >> Tempo School of Music

    Maybe they can get you going in the right direction.

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    Houston, Tx.
    Howdy, I'm inside the loop in the Rice Military area. Old time rocker working on getting into Jazz. Can fuddle in it a bit but having a hard time getting out of the rock tendencies. Anyone nearby?

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