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    Hi. In Boston here. I'd love to find a practice partner, or, better yet, a regular group I could play with. I'd rate my skill level as being on the low side of advanced. Ideally, I'd like to find guys just a hair better than me, to inspire me to learn.

    Also, if you've got a line on good jam sessions in the area, I'd love to hear about it.


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    Hey this is an old posting of yours, still around and interested in playing with others? I've got some interesting things happening, some with others. Do you ever play solo? One thing I'm trying to do is work with others to hang, play, discuss and listen to others play solo, in different contexts and genres. There're so many others around here who might want to do this with me. Berklee kids... guitarists in the community... I want to do this with some friends, Mick and Tronzo. Maybe we'll do one with duos too. Sound like something of interest? As I said, different genres and levels would be welcome.

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    Still around. Still interested. Who are MicK and Tronzo?

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    Hey there, I have some friends who I enjoy playing with, and we've talked about getting people together to play or work on things. They're just some local players.
    You can PM me and I'll let you know. It'll be fun to play. Another member here, Jake is also a really great guy to play with, very talented and a nice guy. Worth getting together.
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    Wait. What? Mick Goodrick and Dave Tronzo? Seriously? Hell yes, I'm in! We're talking about Mick Goodrick the guy who played with Gary Burton, right?

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    Well, yeah that's the guy. It's not an audition or anything, just occasional things we do. Anyway, it's a nice chance to play and try stuff out with no pressure. It's not about the gig, just fun, you understand. Anyway let's just say a lot of stuff happens under the radar when it's just about having a good time playing.

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    Yeah, I dig. I'm more interested in the experience than anything else.

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    I'll have a new place open right by Symphony Hall soon. Maybe we'll have one night a week dedicated to people hanging and playing solo, and another with people playing duos. Great way to meet people. Nice way to stretch out in an informal setting. I'll let you know.
    Mick had this idea of having a room with a drone in it, to really explore melodic and harmonic possibilities over a drone. Berklee didn't really go for it. I think we will. Same thing with the beat room, a metronome setting of the day, come hang and get your time together. We might have the voice leading night... all sorts of possibilities.
    Funny thing, at a music school, it's not always the easiest thing to just find a place to walk into, hang out, play tunes. So that's what I want to do. Anyway, yeah, let's play.

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    I'm down. Like I said, I'm not really much of a solo player, but I'm willing to learn. Duos would be great. But really just a chance to practice with other people and learn from them is what I'm after. I sent you a PM.

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    I live a little south of Boston and also have been looking for someone or others that I could play/jam with on a regular basis. I'd say I'm in the intermediate to advanced level. It would be over my head to play with Mick Goodrick or Dave Tronzo, but if you would like we could try and set something up. I've been playing a while but it's not what I do for a living. I've got some tunes I wrote and played on at to give you an idea to see if your interested. I have not attended but I know there is a regular Tuesday night jazz jam at the Amazing Things Art Center in Framingham Amazing Things Arts Center Home Page. PM me if you are interested

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    I don't want to give the impression that its ever about being at any kind of level to get together to play. This is the guys not being at Berklee thanks. It's because we like to hang, I like to play without thinking about anybody's freaking ratings. So anybody around Boston, I'll be opening the doors to a new space on Westland Ave and on different nights of the week we'll have small gatherings, one night for art and music, one night for duos, one for solo and so on. I want to open this to people who are open minded and like to learn. Or play in a friendly space. We'll be opening for October. Just PM me and I look forward to seeing you. And you especially Boston Joe since you started this thread.
    And we'll sell custom guitars there too.

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    I am definitely down for a hang some evening. Keep me posted.

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    David, is this location in Boston proper?

    Edit - I see, near the Fenway?

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    Our meeting space is a humble little space for humble get togethers. Westland Ave is a little street surrounded by NEC, Boston Conservatory and Berklee and our space at 54b has a living room lounge vibe. It's also a haven from ego stoked weenie waving, of which there's plenty of being around the schools. And check your credentials and claims at the door, we just want to work on creative playing.
    I've been doing free improvisational workshops. I have the place open some hours to have a drone room where a note is held and maybe a beat of the day and people can come in and really explore the mastery of what ever mode they choose to work with. I want to have the aforementioned duet night (a continuation of Jon Damian's Buddy Concerts) and the solo guitar circle where we all learn by osmosis and conversation the subtle art of solo guitar; improvisation is the prime goal but nobody is excluded.
    Some ideas I want to introduce: A rhythmic workshop, focusing on developing rhythmic driven playing and phrasing in composition and soloing. I want to have a live support workshop for people making their way through the voice leading almanacs -maybe we'll all pick a cycle to work on and figure out how to use them creatively- and work with small group voice leading exercises. And one night every couple of weeks, we'll hire a life model and we'll join ranks with artists (Mass Art and the Museum School are also there) and some of us will play free improvisational music to accompany the lengths of the poses. Playing to the model. Everyone must draw.
    Those are some of the things planned for the space, plus just arranging to get together with people to play one on one, like Boston Joe, mojazz, Jake or anyone in the area. I'll have a bulletin board set up so you can find playing partners to work with if you want. All this (except when I hire a model) will be free and open.
    You don't become a player by going to music school, that's the means by which you find people. Being a player comes from just doing it. Being a good player comes from loving it. We'll do the public service at Westland. And if you happen to be in the market for a custom guitar priced for players, well we happen to be the place for that. But that's another story.

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    "You don't become a player by going to music school, that's the means by which you find people. Being a player comes from just doing it. Being a good player comes from loving it."

    Amen David.
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    Hey guys, how does next Tuesday evening look to get together. I thought we could explore duos, play some duo and or solo things, just hang and talk about what we go for, what we find difficult, how to look at making music, helpful hints on what to work on, pick some tunes to work on together, attempt tunes, stumble, think about what happened and try again... just a few people, open to all, creating a safe environment to learn about our playing together. At some points in the future we could have guests and teachers stop in to play with and pick brains but at first just us.

    Any Bostonians want to have a "guitar circle"? It's at the location of my new custom guitar company Westland Guitars, 54b Westland Ave in Boston. That's by Symphony hall, Berklee, NEC, Boston Conservatory and the museum and art schools.

    You can PM me if you have any questions but all are welcome. Does that work for anyone?


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    I'm down!

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    Yes! It's a place to discuss everything from practice routines, looking at and learning pieces, comping, introductions, endings, performance, performance anxiety, how to hear a tune, and just playing for fun and improvement. I look forward to meeting any who care to join us.
    There are amps and chairs, places to eat in the neighborhood, easy access from public trans. And Westland guitars to play on if you need.

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    Great time last night, David. Thank you for hosting.

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    Double that, David/Joe. Keep me in the loop